Weather in Andalucia: enjoy summer all year round

10 Oct
Last update: 18 March, 2020

Weather in Andalucia makes you feel like you are living a year-round summer. Find out which provinces are the warmest and get yourself ready to enjoy the Andalusian temperatures.

Andalucia is worldwide known as one of the sunniest areas of Europe. Therefore, it is no surprise that its weather forecast presents full sun more often than any other Spanish region.

Take a look at the average temperatures of the eight Andalusian provinces and the percentage of sunny days they are blessed with on average, to make sure you choose the right holiday destination!

Weather in Andalucia

As said before, summer lasts all year in Andalucia. More than 300 sunny days on average reflect on the fantastic beaches, the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean Sea, which you can enjoy from June to May, the road trips you can take under the sun rays, and much more.

The climate in Andalucia is Mediterranean, characterised by warm and dry summers, and mild winters. If you are looking for places where to relax and sunbathe, and you are dying to get that marvellous golden tan, Andalusian coasts are the place to be in summer. It is not advisable to go on a city tour in summer due to the boiling temperature, especially in Seville and Cordoba.

On the contrary, if you are on the hunt for picturesque towns, visit Andalucia from autumn to spring, when the mild climatic conditions provide sunny days with a slight-to-no chance of rain.

Average annual temperature in Andalucia

Weather in Malaga

Malaga is the capital city of the Costa del Sol, and it must mean something, mustn’t it?

Blessed with more than 300 sunny days per year, Malaga makes for a fantastic year-round holiday destination. The 2000 meter-high mountains that surround the city protect it from the cold winds coming from the North, for which Malaga revels in very mild climate conditions during the four seasons. However, know that in the towns in the interior of the province, such as Ronda, the weather is usually colder, due to the location in the middle of the mountains.

You can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea and the spectacular beaches of the province of Malaga from spring to early autumn, and in summer it’s worth taking a dip to cool yourself down, especially during the days of terral, a hot wind coming from the interior of the Peninsula.

Temperature leaps are not very common in Malaga since the average temperature goes from 13ºC in winter to 25ºC in summer.

Average high/low temperature in Malaga
Average annual temperature in Malaga: 18,5ºC

Average high/low temperature in Malaga in summer: 28,5ºC / 18,5ºC

Average high/low temperature in Malaga in winter: 18ºC / 9ºC

Weather in Seville

The capital city of Andalucia has one of the warmest weather of Europe. The subtropical Mediterranean climate typical of the area provides the inhabitants and visitors of Seville with mild winters and incredibly hot summers, which make for huge temperature leaps during the whole year. As a matter of fact, know that the highest temperature ever registered in Europe occurred in Seville on August 4th, 1881, when the Sevillan people had to endure the unbelievable temperature of 50ºC.

You’d better go city sightseeing from autumn to spring, since in summer you may enjoy only the high temperatures while going around the city.

Average high/low temperature in Seville
Average annual temperature in Seville: 19ºC

Average high/low temperature in Seville in summer: 32,5ºC / 17,5ºC

Average high/low temperature in Seville in winter: 17ºC / 7,5ºC

Weather in Granada

Weather in Granada sees hot summers and cold winters since temperature varies a lot during the four seasons. The best moments to visit Granada are in spring and autumn when mild climate conditions allow visitors to enjoy the Alhambra and the magnificence of the city, and the city is less crowded. However, remember that temperatures drop at night and in the early morning, so wrap yourself up if you are going for a tapa at night!

Summer is when Granada receives the greatest amount of visitors, despite the weather reaching an average temperature of 32ºC. Consider spending the day on one of the best beaches in the province of Granada, and you won’t be caught off guard when the heat strikes.

If you fancy go skiing and do winter activities, know that the Sierra Nevada that surrounds the city is used to snow and cold temperature in winter, which rounds 0ºC in the city. Snow will make you feel the Christmas atmosphere if you visit Granada in December or January.

Average high/low temperature in Granada
Average annual temperature in Granada: 14ºC

Average high/low temperature in Granada in summer: 28ºC / 13,5ºC

Average high/low temperature in Granada in winter: 12ºC / 2,5ºC

Weather in Cordoba

As well as in Seville and Granada, also in Cordoba temperature leaps are extremely common. Cold winter and extremely hot summer interchange with mild climate conditions in autumn and spring.

Average high/low temperature in Cordoba
Average annual temperature in Cordoba: 18ºC

Average high/low temperature in Cordoba in summer: 32,5ºC / 17ºC

Average high/low temperature in Cordoba in winter: 16ºC / 5,5ºC

Weather in Cadiz

Cadiz and its Atlantic coast are blessed with moderate climate conditions all year long. Winters are not extremely cold, and summers have an average temperature of 25ºC in July and August. The winds coming from the Atlantic Ocean may be strong, but this allows people to enjoy outdoor activities on the beaches of the province, such as windsurfing. If this is the case, don’t forget your sunscreen, since the sun burns without you even being aware of it.

Average high/low temperature in Cadiz
Average annual temperature in Cadiz: 19ºC

Average high/low temperature in Cadiz in summer: 26ºC / 20ºC

Average high/low temperature in Cadiz in winter: 17,5ºC / 11ºC

Weather in Almeria

The only province with a desert climate in whole Europe, Almeria has never experienced a temperature colder than 0ºC. July and August are the warmest months when you can enjoy the spectacular beaches of Almeria, although you might come across a heatwave! Don’t forget that the awesome Cabo de Gata is considered a desert!

There are no temperature leaps in Almeria, and this makes the province a fantastic spot where to spend the coldest months of the year, as the temperature rarely lowers more than 8ºC, even in winter.

Average high/low temperature in Almeria
Average annual temperature in Almeria: 19ºC

Average high/low temperature in Almeria in summer: 28,5ºC / 19ºC

Average high/low temperature in Almeria in winter: 18,5ºC / 10ºC

Weather in Huelva

The province of Huelva has one of the highest quantities of sunny hours per day of whole Europe. In fact, despite being located on the same meridian of England and Portugal, it refers to the Central Europe Time Zone. Temperatures don’t see any significant leap during the year, being the average winter temperature of 12ºC and summer’s 25ºC, something that allows visitors to go hiking in Huelva’s majestic natural parks and enjoy its astonishing beaches during the warm days.

Average high/low temperature in Huelva
Average annual temperature in Huelva: 18,5ºC

Average high/low temperature in Huelva in summer: 29,5ºC  / 16ºC

Average high/low temperature in Huelva in winter: 18ºC / 7,5ºC

Weather in Jaen

Temperatures in Jaen are generally among the coldest of Andalucia, although the variations are extremely huge. From a maximum of 35ºC in summer, temperatures can drop to an average of 5ºC in winter months.

Average high/low temperature in Jaen
Average annual temperature in Jaen: 16ºC

Average high/low temperature in Jaen in summer: 30,5ºC / 18ºC

Average high/low temperature in Jaen in winter: 13,5ºC / 6ºC

Places to stay in Andalucia

Now that you know everything about the weather in Andalucia, you may want to book a holiday home to get the best of both worlds! Take a look at the best holiday homes and villas in Andalucia and get hold of your next holiday accommodation.

Enjoy summer all year with the best weather in Andalucia!

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