The 10 best beaches in Huelva

05 May
Last update: 18 July, 2023

Breathtaking and astonishing, get to know ten of the best beaches in Huelva!

In the Costa de la Luz and therefore in the whole province of Huelva, the sun shines almost without interruption, and that, in addition to the very well-preserved vegetation nearby the beaches, makes it the ideal destination for your holidays. Take a look at ten of the best beaches in Huelva and we promise that you will start dreaming about your stay in Huelva in a matter of seconds!

Here we have selected for you ten of the best beaches in Huelva that you must see at least once in your life. Let’s discover them and take a deep into their awesome waters!

1. El Portil beach (Cartaya and Punta Umbría)

El Portil beach in Huelva
El Portil (Huelva). Photo by Jose A. Modified.

This 3600 mt-long beach lies within the Natural Reservoir of the Laguna del Portil, i.e. a natural area formed thanks to the power of the wind and that of the tide over the dunes. Its easy-to-reach fine gold sand made it gain the Blue Flag in 2015, an award given by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to especially well-preserved beaches, as well as the first position in this selection of the best beaches in Huelva.

Despite the high urbanisation of its surroundings, the beach is characterised by tranquillity and relax; therefore, you won’t have any problem to find the ideal spot where to spend a quiet day with your beloved ones.

As a plus, from the beach of El Portil, you can spot the Flecha del Rompido, an unusual sandy formation in parallel to the coast, which protects the seashore from the force of the Atlantic Ocean. Lastly, know that this beach has some facilities, such as showers, toilets, bus service and a 100-place parking lot.

2. Matalascañas beach (Almonte)

Matalascañas beach, in Huelva

The 5.5 km of this gold-dune beach is the only walk-in access to the National and Natural Park of Doñana, one of the most important natural reservoirs of whole Europe. The warm crystal-clear waters and the facilities provided are among the reasons for which the FEE awarded this beach with the Blue Flag.

Among the thousands of activities you can practice on this vast beach, water sports stand out, such as sailing and windsurfing. You can also spend some hours playing golf, going on dromedary routes, enjoying a delicious meal in one of the many high-quality restaurants of the coast, or visiting the impressive lighthouse of Matalascañas.

Since the beach of Matalascañas is the nearest to Seville, the density of population varies a lot from the winter weekends to the summer ones, especially in the area between the XVI-century Torre de la Higuera, also known as the Tapón de Mataslascañas, and El Coto.

3. Islantilla beach (Lepe e Isla Cristina)

La Islantilla beach in Huelva

This 1.6 km-long beach is only 20 km far from Portugal, and it perfectly combines high-quality touristic services with the environmental balance. It was the first spot in Huelva to be awarded the Q de Calidad Turistica for the cleanliness of its waters and its excellent-quality services (hammocks rent service, showers, toilets, rescue service, disabled people-friendly access, restaurants and chiringuitos, the typical Andalucian on-the-beach restaurant). It also received the annual recognition of the Blue Flag.

The best way to enjoy the breathtaking sunsets of this area is by going for a walk along the impressive paseo marítimo, where you will have the possibility to feel the beauty of nature at best.

4. El Rompido beach (Cartaya)

El Rompido beach in Huelva
El Rompido. Shell-fisher. Sunset. Huelva. Andalusia. Spain. Photo by Tomás Fano

You can find this gold-sanded beach in the Natural Park of Marismas del Río Piedras, right in the mouth of the river that carries the same name. From its picturesque fishing harbour, the majestic views of the sandy formation known as Flecha del Rompido will fill your eyes. And if you fancy getting closer, know that the Flecha is reachable by ferry. If you want to reconnect with nature and the quietness of the blue sea, this is the right place to be, since its position makes it difficult to access and it mostly lacks services and facilities.

However, you won’t need the comfort, since you will want to get lost among the red-tiled white houses in the fishermen town of Cartaya. While there, discover the millennial history of this Spanish region thanks to the lighthouse or the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Consolación, characterised by the Andalucian Baroque style as well as Mudejar details.

5. El Parador beach (Mazagón)

El Parador beach, in Huelva
Mazagón (Huelva). Photo by Jose A. Modified.

This two-km-long beach is at the foot of an impressive cliff, surrounded by a vast pine forest. The ideal time to go there is during the low tide when hundreds of meters of white sand are left uncovered and marked by small sweet-water currents. The plenty of services and the extraordinary quality of its waters have made it possible for this beach to gain the Blue Flag.

The beach of El Parador is very easy to access, even by car. In its surroundings, you can stop and stare at the gorgeous views over the Natural Park of Doñana, a very relaxing area full of lush vegetation, as well as over the fabulous limitless beach.

6. Torre del Loro beach (Almonte)

Torre del Loro beach in Huelva
Torre del Oro VII. Photo by fito mendi

This virgin beach is about 4 km long and provides its visitors with plenty of services and facilities, such as cleaning service, showers and garbage collection service. Moreover, you can relax on the seashore and enjoy some of the most impressive and breathtaking sunsets you will ever see. You can reach its thin white sand by car since there is a parking lot, which however is not ideal for disabled people or families with children since it is a bit far.

As a curiosity, the beach of Torre del Loro owes its name to the ruins of the lookout tower built in the XVI century to protect the inhabitants from the Berber pirates. The ruins of the tower belong to four different towns: Palos de la Frontera, Moguer, Lucena del Puerto and Almonte.

7. Punta Umbría beach (Punta Umbría)

Punta Umbría beach in Huelva

This spectacular urban beach’s fine gold-sanded dunes are surrounded by junipers and pine forests belonging to the Natural Area of Marismas del Odiel, one of the most important ecological marshes of the Iberian Peninsula. This area, together with the Park of Doñana, is declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO.

The warm crystal-clear waters, the lack of the wind and the services provided (hotels, pubs, chiringuitos, popular bars, easy-to-reach access, and a parking lot) have persuaded the FEE to award this beach with the Blue Flag.

8. Cuesta Maneli beach (Almonte)

Cuesta Maneli beach, in Huelva
Cuesta Maneli, Huelva. Photo by moisesdiaz

Pine forest and dunes surround the stunning beach of Cuesta Maneli, and it is located right in the middle of the National Park of Doñana. To get to the Playa de Rompeculos, as it is also known, you will have to walk along a 1200 meter-long wooden path, from where you will enjoy views out of this world of the majestic surrounding cliffs. This area has been declared Natural Monument for its high geological value.

Despite its quiet and crystal-clear waters and its gold sand being isolated from the civilised centres, you can easily find all kind of services in the leisure areas located just a few minutes far. These are some reasons for which the beach of Cuesta Maneli has gained the eight position of the best beaches in Huelva.

9. Punta del Moral beach (Ayamonte)

Punta del Moral beach, in Huelva
Punta del Moral. Photo by Iglesias Riveiro

This 1 km–long beach is located in the mouth of the river Carreras, in the Natural Area of Marismas of Isla Cristina. The thin golden sands are the ideal place for families with children since the train of waves is usually moderate. In the surrounding area, you will find plenty of services, such as hotels, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal or just relax while taking pleasure in the marvellous views over the beach, which has been recently awarded the Blue Flag.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to do lots of water sports, take long walks along a typical paseo maritimo, or discover the history of the nearby town of Ayamonte.

10. Isla Canela (Ayamonte)

Isla Canela beach, in Huelva
Amanece en Isla Canela. Photo by Fernando García García

The beach of Isla Canela, with its 5 km of gold sand, is one of the largest beaches in the province of Huelva, and you can find it located at the mouth of the river Guadiana. The moderated train of waves of its quiet and warm waters makes it the ideal place where to spend the day with your family, as well as where to do lots of water sports, such as kitesurfing. If you love sunsets, you won’t want to miss the breathtaking daily shows that take place here. And if you fancy going for a walk, go when the tide is low, since it is then when you can enjoy walking on large white sand banks.

This beach relies on lots of facilities and services, such as chiringuitos where to enjoy delicious fresh fish, disabled people-friendly access, wooden footpaths, a picturesque paseo maritimo, a golf court, and plenty of hotels and restaurants. All of this provides this beach with a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. If you fancy jumping into history, visit Torre Canela, a XVI century archaeological construction, and the Puente Internacional de Guadiana.

Places to stay in Huelva

If you want to enjoy the best beaches in Huelva, you should take a look at the best holiday homes and villas in the province of Huelva. You will find great accommodations that overlook the Atlantic Ocean with all the comforts. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

You’d better experience at first hand the best beaches in Huelva. We invite you to go and book your next holidays in the province of Huelva and live the dream!

You have just read about ten of the best beaches in Huelva. Do you know some other beach you want to share with us? Leave a comment and tell us your experience!

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