Andalucia’s impressive beaches are also Spain’s most visited. Almost every province has its own breathtaking beaches, where you can relax or enjoy yourself in fun activities with your beloved ones.

In our blog about beaches in Andalucia, we provide you with a selection of the most astonishing Andalusian beaches, and all you have to do is choose the one you like the most as your next holiday’s destination. And don’t worry if you consider yourself very hard to please: Andalucia features virgin, sandy, or gravelled beaches. You will find more facilities or fewer things to do; it depends on you!


Best Wheelchair-accessible Beaches in Andalucia

If you or any of your friends have mobility issues, know that the south of Spain’s got you covered! Find out the best wheelchair-accessible beaches in Andalucia and discover all the destinations you can travel to and make the most of the fabulous Andalusian weather conditions all year round. The wheelchair-friendly beaches are those that…


The best Nudist Beaches in Andalucia

The south of Spain is filled with spectacular hideouts that you can visit if you fancy naturism. Therefore, we bring you this list of the best nudist beaches in Andalucia, to feel comfortable even when on holidays. Spread in the five coastal provinces of Andalucia, the best nudist beaches offer secluded corners to sunbathe and…


The best beaches in Nerja and Maro (Malaga)

Discover the best beaches in Nerja, the crystal-clear water and staggering surroundings after a day spent touring around this gorgeous white town. Nerja welcomes some of the Costa del Sol’s most spectacular beaches (you can read about the best beaches in Malaga province here!). Whether they are your primary destination, or you prefer to have…


The 15 best beaches in Andalucia

You can’t help but fall in love with the best beaches in Andalucia. Ready to have your heart stolen? Hit the nail on the head and travel to southern Spain; the best beaches in Andalucia are waiting for you. Get a second wind on the 1000 km worth of seashore, after spending a year balancing…


Dog friendly beaches in Andalucia

The most updated selection of the best dog-friendly beaches in Andalucia is just one click away. If you have been thinking about travelling with your pet to Andalucia, you probably should know about the rules regarding the beaches that allow your pet to enjoy the sunny Andalucia. In June 2015, the Junta de Andalucía prohibited…


The 10 best beaches in Granada, Spain

Have a look at this breathtaking selection of the best beaches in Granada. Come and enjoy the Costa Tropical! The coast of the province of Granada, also known as Costa Tropical, is famous for its favourable climatic conditions, and for the sun shining almost without interruption over the most astonishing beaches you will ever see. You can imagine…


The 10 best beaches in Huelva

Breathtaking and astonishing, get to know ten of the best beaches in Huelva! In the Costa de la Luz and therefore in the whole province of Huelva, the sun shines almost without interruption, and that, in addition to the very well-preserved vegetation nearby the beaches, makes it the ideal destination for your holidays. Take a…


The 10 best beaches in Cadiz

Take a look at the best beaches in Cadiz, and find the one you love the most. It may be a difficult task, but someone has to do it! To choose only 10 of the best beaches in Cadiz has been a hard work since Cadiz impresses with some of Spain’s most fabulous beaches. The Costa de la Luz…


Top 10 beaches in Malaga and its province

The 10 best beaches in Malaga and the Costa del Sol

Discover 10 of the best beaches in Malaga, and plan your next holidays! The Costa del Sol and its 160 km worth of beaches won’t let you down. The province of Malaga gives its visitors the opportunity to enjoy themselves in extraordinary hideouts. One of the best ways of relaxing is to spend the whole day on one of its…


The 10 best beaches in Almeria

Find out the best beaches in Almeria you must visit at least once in your life! The province of Almeria offers its visitors more than 100 km of astonishing and breathtaking beaches and coves that you may recognise as the shooting places of your favourite movies. If you fancy spending a day as if you…