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13 Aug
Last update: 21 July, 2023

Discover, thanks to Ruralidays, the best time to visit Seville and make the most of its dreamlike landscapes and awe-inspiring monuments. 

Seville, the Andalusian capital city, is said to have unique colours. It’s true that in Seville, there’s always something new to discover. Just keep in mind that the city is famous for being one of the hottest areas in Europe, for which it’s not advisable to visit it in summer. On the contrary, winters are usually pleasant and with a temperate climate

For you to plan your trip to Seville regardless of the season, we provide you with all the information that you might need.

Visit Seville in spring

Spring is the ideal season for visiting Seville, when plants blossom and the temperatures are pleasant, without being unbearably hot. If you plan on visiting the city in spring, you may attend two of the most awaited and typical events: the Semana Santa and the April fair. Besides, you can also find some time for visiting Seville’s main landmarks.

March in Seville

March is the transition month between winter and spring, and the climate is perfect for visiting the city. The streets fill with the pleasant smell of jasmine and this moment is ideal for booking a visit to the city’s most famous landmarks, such as the Real Alcázar. This historic palace features a mix of different artistic styles, which makes it one of the symbols of the city. 

Visit Seville in March - the Real Alcázar

April in Seville

April is when enthusiasm fills the city. Seville fills with tourists and inhabitants and, thanks to the lovely weather, you can meet locals and take part in the city’s two most significant events

Visit Seville in April - the Semana Santa

The Semana Santa in Seville was declared Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional, and it’s one of the two big celebrations of Sevillan spring. Pasos and sacred images parade in the streets, together with marches and incense. The sevillanos attend the processions in high numbers, as the Semana Santa is wholeheartedly felt in the whole city. If you choose to travel to Seville during this week, stop in the streets to enjoy this show. 

The April fair is one of the most famous festivals in Spain, and it’s celebrated for a week, two Sundays after Easter. It’s a combination of music, dances, colours and tradition, which you can take part in if you want to experience this authentic occurrence. It’s a real show that starts when the lights are turned on.

Visit Seville in April - the fair

May in Seville

In the spring month par excellence, you can enjoy the Andalusian capital city by strolling in the streets and gardens filled with flowers, enjoying the shadow of the trees. During this period, bars on the riverbanks of river Guadalquivir and in Triana district reopen; there, you can live the local atmosphere and have a glass of wine. It’s also possible to go for a river cruise and delight yourself with some never-seen-before panoramas of the city. 

Visit Seville in May - river cruise on river Guadalquivir

Visit Seville in summer

Summer’s here and, due to the high temperatures, visiting Seville becomes more complicated. However, there are still some things you can do to make the most of your Sevillan stay if summer is the only season when you can travel. 

June in Seville

The city livens up, days are longer, and the temperatures start to rise, although it’s still possible to live in Seville. It’s advisable not to get out during the hottest hours and enjoy the afternoon to go strolling in the park of María Luisa and see the sunset near the river. You can dine in one of the typical restaurants in Triana district and, after that, attend a Flamenco show

Visit Seville in June - Flamenco show

July in Seville

Temperatures are high, and many locals go on holidays to the nearby coast of Huelva. If you’re in the city, you’ll have to adapt and modify the timetable depending on the hottest hours. Therefore, you should stay inside between 12 pm and 8 pm, and live the city after sunset, with the pleasant night temperatures. The streets fill with people having a tapa and having a refreshing drink, and bars and terraces provide the perfect ambience to get out and live the Sevillan nights. Besides, the Noches en los Jardines del Alcázar let you attend spectacular concerts starting at 10 pm

August in Seville

Due to the high temperatures, many inhabitants go on holidays to the nearby coast of Huelva. If you’re staying in Seville during the year’s hottest month, you can take advantage of the waterparks to refresh. Aquopolis and Isla Mágica are two of the most famous waterparks in the province of Seville, provided with wave pools, sledges and even an artificial beach (in Isla Magica). The whole family will thank you for it!

September in Seville

Although the summer atmosphere still envelops the city, many sevillanos go back to the city in September. The streets keep welcoming tourists that enjoy summer’s last weeks; also, the shows in Real Alcázar are still available. In the afternoon, especially during weekdays, you can visit the magnificent Cathedral and the Giralda, free on Monday from 4.30 pm to 6 pm. 

At sunset, don’t miss out on the panorama of Seville from an unforgettable perspective, by going up the Metropol Parasol. The Setas de Sevilla (Seville’s Mushrooms, as this structure is also called) stay open until 11.30 pm. 

Visit Seville in autumn

Autumn is, together with spring, the best season for visiting Seville and its province, without having to cope with extreme temperatures. Frequent sunny days and rare rainfalls make it possible to enjoy the city and its landmarks accompanied by a fabulous temperature. In autumn, trees feature red and yellow shades: enjoy them while strolling in the Park Maria Luisa, near the magic Plaza de España

Visit Seville in autumn - Plaza de España

October in Seville

In October, the climate is pleasant, with mild temperatures and sunny days, ideal for visiting the city and getting away to the province. We suggest you travel to the Sierra Norte Natural Park, set in the northern area of the province. This natural park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thanks to the geological and wildlife richness, and the awe-inspiring landscapes.

November in Seville

November brings rains and bad weather, although temperatures are still relatively mild. However, there are many sunny days when you can discover the city and admire the autumn colours. During one of these, go to the quaint town of Osuna. Visit its bullring, its Baroque buildings and churches and don’t miss out on San Pedro street, which has been declared one of the prettiest in Spain. 

Visit Seville in winter

Sevillan winter doesn’t have shallow temperatures; therefore, it’s an excellent season to visit the city. 

December in Seville

December is the most charming month to visit the city of Seville, as its streets are turned on with a Christmas light show. It is filled with decorations, Nativity scenes and street artists that contribute to conveying a magical atmosphere. The most wonderful squares in the city are a real show. Despite winter knocking at the doors, the temperatures remain mild, thus allowing you to enjoy the festive ambience, the Christmas markets and try the famous Christmas sweets. 

Visit Seville in winter - Triana market decorated with Christmas lights
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January in Seville

If you’re in Seville during the first days of the year, you can still enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, especially in the night between January 5th and 6th. It is then, in fact, when the Three Wise Kings parade through the streets, accompanied by some 30 carriages, distributing candies for the little ones. January is also ideal for visiting the city and making the most of the traditional foods. 

February in Seville

With a more temperate climate than the previous month, February is also perfect for visiting the province of Seville, as it’s the low season and the prices are usually lower. Also, the Carnival of Seville is celebrated: in the streets, shows are organised, as well as stalls providing delicious food and unique music. On February 28th, Andalucia Day ends the celebrations in Seville.  

Your holiday home in Seville

If you want to be sure to enjoy the Andalusian capital city, you need a nearby accommodation, as one day is not enough to visit everything Seville and the province have to offer. Therefore, take a look at this selection of holiday homes and villas in the region of Seville, ideal for spending your well-deserved holidays year-round. 

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