Culture in Andalusia will provide you with an insight of the Andalusian authenticity. Colorful and fun fairs, religious festivities, historical art and traditions are part of a much wider variety of picturesque events in Andalusia.

Find out the tips and curiosities about the culture of Andalusia in our blog. Discover the Andalusian people’s identity, the towns and cities’ origins as well as those of its gorgeous festivities.


Malaga Cathedral: tips on how to visit it

You can’t leave Malaga without visiting its Cathedral. Either because of the peculiar architecture or because of its beauty and symbolism, you will fall in love with Malaga Cathedral as soon as you enter its doors. Want to know why you should visit it? Then keep reading! Malaga Cathedral is the city’s most famous monument,…


San Juan in Andalucia: how is it celebrated?

Bonfires on the beach are the most common way to celebrate San Juan in Andalucia, every year in the night of June 23rd. Read along to find out how the Night of San Juan is lived in the south of Spain.   The Night of San Juan is a celebration whose origins date back to…


Día de la Cruz in Granada (Andalucia)

The Día de la Cruz is celebrated in Granada on May 3rd. As the Día de la Cruz is a very popular festivity in Spain and South America, as well as in Andalucia, it’s no surprise that each year thousands of Spaniards and foreigners travel to Granada (click here to see how to get to Granada…


The Real Alcázar of Seville

Discover a few useful tips about the Real Alcázar of Seville, so you won’t be caught off-guard while visiting it! The Real Alcázar of Seville lies facing the city’s majestic Cathedral. You can enter the monument through the Puerta de León, a door located on one side of the Cathedral. The door owes its name…


Top 18 Films Shot in Andalucia

If you’re a cinema lover and you’re planning a getaway to Andalucia, take look at 18 films shot in Andalucia and walk where your favourite actors did! Andalucia has been the film set of countless films, both of the Spanish film industry and foreign. In this list, you’ll discover 18 films that were (partially) shot in…


Alcazaba and Roman Theatre in Malaga: useful tips

The Alcazaba and Roman Theatre in Malaga are two of the city’s most renowned and visited monuments. Discover their history, and fall in love with Malaga’s hideouts. The Alcazaba and Roman Theatre’s historical and artistic value make them two of the city’s must-sees (discover which the other unmissable monuments are by clicking here!). Located in…


Holy Week in Andalucia: discover its secrets and curiosities

The 2019 Holy Week in Andalucia will be celebrated from Sunday, April 14th to Sunday, April 21st. Holy Week in Andalucia is globally known as one of the most followed and breathtaking celebrations in the whole world. No one feels the spirit and the emotion that accompany the Holy Week as much as the Andalusian people. So keep reading,…


Carnival of Cadiz: when and where

Discover the peculiarities of the Carnival of Cadiz, a centuries-old celebration. Move into the streets and feel its joyful spirit! The Carnival of Cadiz is one of the most famous and most important Carnival celebrations both in Spain and in Europe, so much that it has been declared Fiesta de Interés Turístico Internacional, Fiesta of National Tourist Interest of Spain,…


Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba

The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba is one of the most impressive landmarks you’ll find in Andalucia. After reading this post, you will book your tickets right away! As Cordoba’s 2016 third most visited monument, after the Mosque-Cathedral and the Synagogue, the Castle of the Christian Monarchs is a must-see if you’re planning…