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Public Holidays in Spain and Andalucia – Calendar 2019

Take a look at the calendar of the 2019 public holidays in Spain and Andalucia, and scroll down to get more information about every holiday date Spain has 14 official holidays per year, 11 of which are celebrated nationwide. One more day is added as every Autonomous Region celebrates its Day and two more days when the…


Money in Spain: what you must know

Whether it’s a long journey or a short stop-over, you should know how to move around with money in Spain. The essential thing to know, which, despite seeming obvious, it is better to point out, is that Spain’s currency is Euro (€). Spain has been part of the Eurozone since January 1st, 1999. As a…


Healthcare in Spain: hospitals and map

Discover the most important things to know about healthcare in Spain. Known as one of Europe’s best healthcare systems, healthcare in Spain is free for EEA citizen owning the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Below, you will find all the information you’ll need to know before taking a trip to Spain not to be caught…


Mobile roaming in Spain: connect like at home

Starting from June 15th, 2017, you will be able to enjoy roaming in Spain like you would at home. The EU started lowering the price of international data roaming, calls and SMS in April 2016, when the domestic price of your tariff was increased by € 0.05 per minute (voice calls), € 0.02 per SMS…


What to bring on holidays in Andalucia, Spain

If your next trip is to the South of Spain, you should take a look at the best tips about what to bring on holidays to Andalucia. Your holidays are safe with these useful tips! Holidays in Spain grant you a period of disconnection and relaxation. To fully enjoy it, you should take a look…


Travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain

Holidays are complete when you can enjoy them with your four-legged friend. This is why you should keep reading these useful tips about travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain. Nowadays, families are more attached to their pets than ever and want to enjoy their holidays with their beloved mascota. However, there are a few tips and…


Electricity in Spain: power supply, plugs and more

When going on holidays in Andalucia, you may need to know about the electricity in Spain. Read about it all here! The leading company that provides energy in Spain is Grupo Endesa, which every region of the country calls by different names. However, more electric companies have started to appear recently. Although electricity in Spain works almost…


Where is Andalucia in Spain?

Where is Andalucia? Find out some useful information about its location in Spain. Check it out! Andalucia is the most southern region of Spain. It borders with Portugal on the west side, with the Spanish regions of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura in the north, with the region of Murcia in the east, and with the English…


Tips for travelling with kids in Spain

If you are thinking about travelling with kids in Spain, you should read these useful tips. Nothing can stand between your holidays and the fun of the family! Travelling with kids in Spain is a fun experience both for you and your children. You will only have to keep in mind some tips, in order…