Terms and Service Conditions

1. Organisation

Hispania Short Rentals, S.L. (Ruralidays.com) is a company based in Malaga, specialised in booking holiday villas online, which is constituted following the Spanish Law.

As a duly authorised reservation centre, Ruralidays.com has rigorous insurance cover as required by the EU law, and our tax ID is ESB93567170

ADDRESS: 13, C/ Molina Lario, 2º A, 29015 Málaga

TELEPHONE NUMBER: +34 951 409 873

CONTACT: info@ruralidays.com


2. Reservation and rent contract

Reservations have to be made through the Ruralidays website, www.ruralidays.co.uk.

The rent contract between Ruralidays.com and the customer will come into force at the exact moment Ruralidays.com confirms the reservation. This will be made only through e-mail, when the customer pays the requested down payment, and, by no means, before.

A booking request cannot be considered a firm reservation.


3. Prices

The prices published are valid until December 31st, 2020. The tariff to be applied results from the search after the date and number of people have been specified. Because the prices displayed on our website are competitive, they may change depending on the number of people.

In the majority of times, our prices include the normal consumption of electricity, water and gas, bed linen, bathing clothes, and cleaning service before arrival. Direct taxes are always included.

Some properties may not include wood, Internet, final cleaning service, baby cot, heated pool and air-con may in the price. Check this information in the fact sheet of each property, in the “Information” section.


4. Special offer conditions

All those who want to use a promo code will have to meet the conditions associated to the code. These include the value of the code and the minimum booking required for the discount to be applied, the expiry date of the promo code, the period when the booking can be made (thus also referring to the excluded dates), and the availability of the promo code, among others. Offers cannot be combined with any others. Ruralidays may not apply the discount in case the customer already has a confirmed reservation, and asks for the discount to be applied a posteriori.


5. Method of payment

The booking is to be considered confirmed once the payment of the advance of the estate’s total price has been made (15% to 50% of the total price, depending on the case). You can choose among various methods of payment: credit card, debit card, PayPal, iDeal, Sofort, Giropay, Chèques-Vacances or bank transfer.

If you want to pay with bank transfer, you need to indicate your name and number of reservation in the transference “concept”. The booking will be confirmed once the proof of payment is sent to reservation@ruraliday.com, and once the owner has confirmed the reservation.


6. Important information about the accommodations

Number of people occupying the property

When booking, the client must declare the exact number of people who will occupy the property, without omitting children, of any age they might be. Attention is drawn to the fact that the property can legally prevent the access to those who have not been declared, or else, dislodge them. The customer can not complain about this decision.

Some properties reserve the right to open the bedrooms depending on the number of the people declared in the booking. This happens in order to offer a better price to smaller groups. 

Opening of the Swimming Pool

Pools will be made available from May 1st to September 30th. Anyhow, check the pool availability both for this period and for the rest of the year.

Maintenance of the Swimming Pool

The property must plan pool maintenance work every week. On arrival, the owner will communicate the day in which the maintenance will be carried out.


Reported distances are based on Google Maps. Ruralidays.com is under no circumstance responsible for the distances displayed following the Google technology.

Baby cot and Highchair

Some properties are provided with baby cots and highchairs. Remember to request them while making the booking.

Wi-Fi / Internet

Many properties are provided with Wi-Fi and Internet fast enough to send and receive emails and surf the Web. Since lots of properties are situated in a rural environment, the data rate may be not powerful enough to use apps such as Skype, watch TV via the internet or download large files. Internet and Wi-Fi are supplied by external providers. Therefore, neither Ruraliday.com nor the owner is responsible for any complaint that can be made about the power and/or speed of the internet.

Check-in and Check-out hour

You will find the check-in and check-out hour of the property displayed in Booking Voucher.

As a general rule, check-in will be from 4 pm to 9 pm. If you arrive after 9 pm, you will be charged with an extra fee of €50. Some properties don't allow check-ins after 12 am.

As a general rule, check-out will always be before 12 pm.

Location and Access to the accommodations

Andalusia’s orography is mainly mountainous. This characteristic provides more privacy to the properties, alongside with peculiar views and authentic spots. Always check on Google Maps where the properties are located.

Some properties may have a no-paved, 500-to-1000 meter access to the house. This is due to the protected area where most of the accommodations are located. Anyhow, you can reach every property with a regular vehicle. If you are planning to travel with very low or sports cars, ask for the conditions of the access before your departure.

Admission of pets

When you are making the booking, it is compulsory to inform if you are travelling with pets. 

In the fact sheet of every estate, you will find stated whether that accommodation admits pets or not. It is forbidden to bring pets to the properties that mention “Pets not allowed”. In the case in which it is mentioned “Pets allowed upon request”, you will need to check it previously with Ruralidays.com.

Some properties charge the pet owner an additional fee for extra cleaning service or an extra deposit.

Deposit of damages

Once you get to the property, you will need to give the owner a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the property. The deposit will be entirely returned at the end of the stay, once the owner has checked that everything is in good condition. The owner will return the deposit either in cash on check-out day, or via bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal after a few days.


7. Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy of every property can be checked in the property sheet, in the “Information” section.


8. Irregularities and deficiencies

Irregularities or deficiencies that the customer might find in the property have to be communicated as soon as possible during the stay, either to Ruralidays.com or the owner. Ruralidays.com will process any irregularity or deficiency in the shortest time. Ruralidays.com reserves the right to change the property if it sees it convenient, as long as the causes of direct claim are verified as true.

Any claim that is presented after leaving the property won’t be taken into consideration due to the lack of further fundamental criteria, thanks to which the complaint might be handled.


9. Force Majeure

In the cases in which the owner has to cancel a booking by force majeure, Ruralidays.com reserves the right to substitute the booked property with an alternative of the same characteristics. If the customer does not accept the offered alternative, Ruralidays.com will refund the customer the amount of money that's already been paid.