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17 Aug
Last update: 20 January, 2020

The city of the Alhambra is one of the Andalusian jewels. Discover the best time to visit Granada and what to in each season thanks to Ruralidays.

Granada is a city characterised by different architectonic and cultural styles, traces of the diverse populations that have been residing here and adding a cultural richness to the city and the province. Famous for being the home to one of the most visited monuments in the world, the Alhambra, the region of Granada offers even more. On the outskirts, you can visit the quaint towns of the Alpujarras, hike in the natural parks, live in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and enjoy summer on the Costa Tropical.  

Keep reading to discover more about the province of Granada and get inspiration for your next trip. 

Visit Granada in spring

Spring (as well as autumn) is the best season to visit Granada, as the temperatures are mild and pleasant, although there’s a big difference between the day and the night. During this time of the year, you will be able to uncover the secrets of the city, and you can also enjoy a getaway in the province. 

March in Granada

Winter is coming to an end, the temperatures are more and more temperate, for which March is a perfect month to visit the city in complete quietness. The first thing you can do is visit the marvellous Alhambra, which you can enjoy while avoiding the big crowds. This is southern Spain’s most famous monument, and it’s highly visited year-round. Its spectacular architecture is characterised by the mix of different architectonic styles, which you can see in the buildings, gardens and patios that will leave you breathless. It’s an unmissable visit, for which we suggest you book your tickets in advance

Visit Granada in March - The Alhambra
Photo courtesy of TurGranada

April in Granada

In April, the climate is ideal for strolling in the streets of Granada and discovering its charming hideouts. We recommend you go for a walk along the Paseo de Los Tristes, where you can admire some impressive views of the Alhambra, beyond river Darro.

Visit Granada in April - Sacromonte district
Photo courtesy of TurGranada

Likewise, you must visit the districts of Albaicín and Sacromonte, located on the hill of the city. These neighbourhoods are related to the Moorish culture, which you can feel in the narrow streets. The top area of the Albaicín welcomes the Mirador de San Nicolás that offers a gorgeous panorama, from the Alhambra to the rest of the city. This spot is particularly charming at sunset. 

Visit Granada in April - Mirador de San Nicolás

Like in the rest of the Andalusian provinces, if you spend April in the city, you may discover the celebrations of the Semana Santa and its charming processions. 

May in Granada

On May 3rd, the Día de la Cruz is celebrated in Granada. If you’re in the city during this day, you can take part in the celebrations in the streets and squares filled with colourful crosses that are decorated with flowers, honouring the Santa Cruz. 

We are in the peak of spring, and the city livens up, especially at night. Going for a tapa is undoubtedly the best way to dive into the local culture. This is a fun way to eat and drink with your friends, at a low price, from bar to bar. 

Visit Granada in summer

As summer begins, the city becomes more lively, several events take place in the province, and the nights welcome a long series of activities. Temperatures can be extremely high during the day, for which it’s advisable to get away to the towns on the coast. 

June in Granada

Summer has started, the temperatures maintain on bearable degrees, the city gets filled with tourists. It’s possible that, by spending June in Granada, you’ll come across the Feria del Corpus, the biggest celebration in the city. The first day depends on the Holy Week, i.e. 60 days after Easter Monday, for which the Corpus usually is in June. The celebration starts with the alumbrao, when thousands of lights are turned on and illuminate the fair’s portada. During the fair, the city welcomes several cultural events, processions in the streets, Flamenco shows and stalls where you can dance and have a drink. 

If, after the fair, you need some days of pure relaxation, there is no better option than the province’s hot water springs. Here, you can enjoy the benefits of spending some time in the natural environment, far from the hustle and bustle. 

July in Granada

Considering the high temperatures, we suggest two unforgettable experiences thanks to which you can live the Moorish atmosphere of Granada without suffering a heat stroke. 

The perfect choice for a summer afternoon is that of living a relaxing experience in the Hammam Al-Ándalus. Here, you can live some unique moments, enjoying the different-temperature halls, steam halls and massages, in the setting of a spectacular Moorish architecture illuminated by candles and lanterns.

Visit Granada in July - Hammams
Photo courtesy of TurGranada

To complete the Moorish-atmosphere day, don’t miss out on a night visit to the Alhambra. It’s possible to take part in a guided night visit in the Nasrid Palaces or the Gardens and the Generalife Palace and discover the marvels of the Alhambra at night. 

August in Granada

During this month you can discover the coast of Granada, also known as Costa Tropical. It features some charming beaches, such as the beach of Calahonda in Motril or the fabulous beach of La Herradura. The latter is located in Almuñécar, a lovely coastal town where you can spend your holidays, as it’s provided with spectacular beaches and activities to make your stay unforgettable. This area of the province of Granada is located one-hour drive from the capital city so that you can enjoy some time on the beach during the month’s hottest days. 

Visit Granada in August - the Costa Tropical

September in Granada

Make the most of the pleasant temperatures of the Granadian nights and enjoy a route through the bars that offer tapas, as you end the night by attending a Flamenco show. In Granada, you can live an authentic experience by visiting the tablaos of the Sacromonte district, the traditional neighbourhood where the gipsy live. There, you can enjoy an authentic Andalusian experience, discover the charm of the Andalusian Flamenco and understand the importance of this art on life in Granada. 

Visit Granada in autumn

Autumn in Granada starts with a religious celebration, the procession of the Virgen de las Angustias, on September’s last Sunday. During this season, the province welcomes several gastronomic and cultural events, when you can taste the typical food of the area. The temperatures are pleasant, although they lower at night. 

Granada in October

With a perfect temperature and many sunny days, the ideal thing to do is enjoy a getaway to the quaint town of Montefrío, located one-hour drive from Granada. 

Visit Granada in October - Montefrío

Montefrío is a town in the province of Granada that features a mix of history, delicious cuisine and impressive landscapes. It relies on an architectonic richness, thanks to its long history, where its hilltop castle stands out. Montefrío also welcomes several viewpoints, one of which has also been included in the National Geographic’s list of the most charming panoramas

Granada in November

During this month, a show of colours envelop Granada, and the trees dress in different shades. This season is perfect for discovering the towns of the Alpujarra, a 70-km-long valley located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, between the provinces of Granada and Almeria. Here, you will discover a set of unique towns, spectacular landscapes and paths to hike. 

Visit Granada in November - visit the towns
Moclín. Photo courtesy of TurGranada

Visit Granada in winter

Thanks to its almost 700 metres above sea level and the closeness to the Sierra Nevada, the temperatures of Granada can lower to minus 0 in winter, whose dry coldness you can easily bear if you go rightly dressed. Unlike what one may think of the Andalusian cities (hot and ideal for summer), the province of Granada is especially charming in winter, as you can enjoy several activities, among which skiing in the Sierra Nevada

December in Granada

It’s advisable to visit Granada in December, as you will be able to live the authentic Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas lights illuminate the streets, and in Bib-Rambla street, you will even find a Christmas market. Make the most of this season to taste the typical Christmas sweets, together with a hot chocolate during the coldest afternoons. 

January in Granada

Planning a winter getaway to Granada is a good option, as you can enjoy the celebrations of the Three Wise Kings and enjoy some days on the Sierra Nevada. The Sierra Nevada National Park is the largest and most southern National Park in Spain. It’s very well connected with Granada, thanks to the several daily buses that take you to the Park from the city and the other provinces. If you love being on the mountains and doing winter sports, this is the place you can’t miss out on, as here you are provided with several ski, snowboard and ice-skating schools

Visit Granada in January - Hiking in the Sierra Nevada National Park

February in Granada

In February, you will have the possibility of visiting the city in complete quietness and discover the museums during the rainy days. Don’t miss out on the Bellas Artes museum, the Cathedral of Granada and the places that marked the life of poet Federico García Lorca, such as the Centro Federico García Lorca in the city, and the Museo-Casa Natal in the province. 

Your holiday home in Granada

If you’re wondering which the best accommodation is to discover the province of Granada, visit our webpage and take a look at the countless possibilities offered. We provide several holiday homes and villas in the province of Granada, with a spacious outdoor area for summer, or with a fireplace that is ideal for a winter getaway. Thanks to Ruralidays, you can visit Granada at any time of the year!

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