The 15 best beaches in Andalucia

06 Jul
Last update: 17 August, 2023

You can’t help but fall in love with the best beaches in Andalucia. Ready to have your heart stolen?

Hit the nail on the head and travel to southern Spain; the best beaches in Andalucia are waiting for you. Get a second wind on the 1000 km worth of seashore, after spending a year balancing between routine and the hustle and bustle.


Well begun is half done. Therefore, we’re starting off with some of the most spectacular beaches you’ll ever see, those in Cadiz province. Cadiz seashore, also known as Costa de la Luz, is home to large, thin-sand beaches, most of which are off the beaten track. Discover where they are and which most noteworthy features you can’t miss out on.

1. Beach of Bolonia (Tarifa)

Beach of Bolonia in Tarifa - best beaches in andalucia (2)

A picture is worth 1000 words, and there’s probably nothing more to be said regarding this heaven on earth in Cadiz province. This 4 km long beach and the 30-metre-high Duna de Bolonia are landmarks of the Costa de la Luz. Imagine lying down on the white, Caribbean-like sand, while the salty breeze blows gently from the Atlantic Ocean. And if it weren’t enough, you can also spend some time wandering in the 1st century Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia or windsurfing on the sea.

2. Beach of El Palmar (Vejer de la Frontera)

Beach of El Palmar in Vejer de la Frontera - best beaches in andalucia

One of the best beaches in Andalucia, this virgin beach close to Conil de la Frontera is 8-km-long, and you can bet you have enough space to roam and find the perfect spot where to sunbathe. The crystal-clear water is this beach’s most noteworthy feature, as well as the facilities provided. In fact, despite the fact that it is one of the least crowded beaches in Andalucia, you will find chiringuitos offering seafood dishes, and horse-riding companies.

Tip: the wooden paths that connect the main road with the beach were created to preserve the dunes, which helped the beach of El Palmar receive the Q de Calidad Turistica, highlighting the quality in the Spanish touristic sector.  

3. Beach of Los Alemanes (Zahara de los Atunes)

Beach of Los Alemanes in Zahara de los Atunes - best beaches in andalucia

The name of this 1500-metre-long beach comes from the German troops that would use this bay as material supply during WWII. One of the reasons is that this beach is particularly hard to reach, due to the closeness of a mountain, which shelters the beach of Los Alemanes, away from prying eyes. The proximity to the town Zahara de los Atunes provides this uncrowded virgin beach with facilities.

4. Beach of Caños de Meca (Barbate)

Beach of Caños de Meca - best beaches in andalucia

Caños de Meca is the name of a district that belongs to the bigger area of Barbate. It comprises various beaches, stretching from the Trafalgar lighthouse to La Breña Natural Park. Different features characterise them so that you can enjoy your favourite one, depending on what you feel like doing. During the low tide, you have the opportunity to walk along the seashore, through the rocks to get to virgin little bays.


Home to one of the most spectacular natural parks, Almeria’s coast welcomes stunning virgin beaches, which don’t fail their visitors. Some were the sets of famous movies, other are hard to reach but will compensate with views out of this world. Go ahead and know the Almeria part of the best beaches in Andalucia.

5. Beach of Los Muertos (Carboneras)

Beach of Los Muertos in Carboneras - best beaches in andalucia
Photo courtesy of El Vaquero Fotografías

The beach that can’t but appear in each list of the best beaches in Andalucia is the spectacular beach of Los Muertos. One might die for visiting this heaven on earth, but that’s not what this beach owes its name to. The literal translation would be Beach of the Dead Men, referring to the corpses brought on the seashore by the tide, following shipwrecks. But don’t let this grim name deceive you.

This 1-km-long, 30-metre-wide virgin beach is completely unattended by tourists, as the path leading to it is steep and a 20-minute-walk from the nearest parking. Don’t take our words for granted and see for yourself what this secluded beach in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata has to offer. Just remember that there is no service whatsoever, so you’d better bring something to eat and drink (since trash bins are also absent, bring a garbage bag to leave the beach the same way you found it).

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6. Beach of Monsul (San José)

Beach of Monsul in San José - best beaches in andalucia

This beach’s iconic landmark is a lava formation right in the middle of the seashore. This rock and the marine fauna that you can see below the crystal-clear water surface makes it an unmissable stop if you’re in Cabo de Gata. You don’t want to leave the set of famous movies out, do you? Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Neverending Story had some scenes filmed here.

7. Beach of Los Genoveses (San José)

Beach of Los Genoveses in San José - best beaches in andalucia

2.4 km from the beach of Monsul, there lies the wobbling virgin beach of Los Genoveses.  You can leave your car in the nearby parking, which, however, has limited capacity. Hence, you can soak up an unspoilt atmosphere and let your eyes wander. Make sure to visit this beach on a windless day, since the thin sand can get a little annoying, and carry your own garbage bag.

8. Beach of Las Negras (Las Negras)

Beach of Las Negras in Las Negras - best beaches in andalucia
Photo courtesy of El Vaquero Fotografías

Despite being located in the same Natural Park, the characteristics of the beach of Las Negras are diametrically opposed to the beach of Los Muertos. As a matter of fact, Las Negras is a small fishermen’s village that owns a beach of the same name. Name that comes from El Cerro Negro, the black volcanic rock flanking the town, whose pebbles fill the beach of Las Negras. However, if you look for a more secluded beach, pay a visit to the Cala de San Pedro, 4 km north of Las Negras. Naturism is allowed here, due to the rocks that shelter this 225-metre-long bay.


Huelva province is the other part of Costa de la Luz, and you can give us the benefit of the doubt. This province has indeed the highest number of sun hours per year in whole Europe, which makes it the perfect spot to rejoice some incredible beaches.

9. Beach of Cuesta Maneli (Almonte)

Beach of Cuesta Maneli in Almonte - best beaches in andalucia

Between the more renowned beaches of Matalascañas and Mazagón, this virgin beach is part of the National Park of Doñana. The 1200-metre-long wooden path takes you from the nearest parking (located at km. 39 of the A-494 road that connects Matalascañas to Mazagón) up to the sand dunes, to end with a steep descent right in front of the 5-km-long seashore. Golden sand and clean water make you rejoice choosing the Playa de Rompeculos for your family.

10. Beach of Matalascañas (Matalascañas)

Beach of Matalascañas in Matalascañas - best beaches in andalucia

The urban beach of Matalascañas stretches 5 kilometres between the Torre de la Higuera and El Coto. It has numerous facilities, and it has been awarded the Blue Flag for the cleanliness of its waters. Remember that this beach is the closest to Seville, as well as the only walk-in access to Doñana for which it is highly attended by tourists, in particular on the weekends.

We’ll let the cat out of the bag: stay at the beach until sunset, and you will thank us for that 😉

11. Beach of Mazagón (Mazagón)

Beach of Mazagón in Mazagón - best beaches in andalucia

Another public beach is that of Mazagón, whose 9 km provide the inhabitants of Huelva with day trips. The best way to enjoy this landscape surrounded by cliffs is during a horse ride at sunset. Moreover, the farther from the port, the better, as the water is cleaner and less crowded.


You can find the best beaches in Malaga on the outskirts of the city. Some spectacular seashores are those belonging to small bays and secluded coves, where the water is crystal clear and the sand white and thin.

12. Beach of Calahonda (Nerja)

Beach of Calahonda in Nerja - best beaches in andalucia

You can kill two birds with a stone here. Either spend some time at this 120-metre-long public beach and then visit Nerja’s historic centre, or the other way round. Both ways work to build unforgettable memories on the Costa del Sol. This small beach is equipped with all the facilities, accessibility for disabled people and limpid water.

13. Beach of Maro (Maro)

Beach of Maro in Nerja - best beaches andalucia
Photo courtesy of Nerja Today

The 500-metre-long cave of Maro lies in the Natural Park of Acantilados de Maro, 5 km from Nerja. This secluded bay is surrounded by (and facing) rocks. The crystal-clear water makes it a great spot where to snorkel and do kayaking. Your children will enjoy themselves in this one, we promise!

As it is a virgin beach, remember to leave it the same way you found it. Trash bags are recommended.

Curiosity: the beach of Maro was one of the sets of the famous Spanish TV series “Verano Azul”.


The Costa Tropical, as Granada’s seashore is also known, features paradisiac beaches, either belonging to the small towns populating the Coast or laying in virgin coves. Below, you can find two of them; however, if you yearn for more, don’t miss out on the other ten best beaches in Granada that are worth seeing at least once in your life.

14. Beach of Salobreña (Salobreña)

Beach of La Guardia in Salobreña- best beaches in andalucia
Photo courtesy of Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Granada

The town of Salobreña welcomes various urban beaches, such as La Guardia and La Charca. These two beaches are divided by El Peñón de Salobreña, a rocky formation stretching in the crystal clear waters in front of the town. The length of the beaches allows tourists and locals to share some moments of relaxation, and enjoy the small pebbles that the natives call “chinos”. La Guardia is wilder, to say so, whereas La Charca relies on more facilities and the sand is thinner (at least some metres from the seashore). The latter is also flanked by a paseo marítimo, filled with bars and restaurants.

15. Beach of Calahonda (Motril)

Beach of Calahonda in Motril - best beaches in Andalucia
Photo courtesy of Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Granada

The Costa Tropical’s most southern town owns one of the most spectacular beaches in Andalucia, the beach of Calahonda. Its name means “deep cove”, and you will see it for yourself once you get here, as the seashore deepens right after meeting the water. As a matter of fact, the beach has been receiving the Blue Flag for years now, for the cleanliness of its waters and the facilities on which it relies.

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15 of the best beaches in Andalucia are the ideal destination to spend your holidays in southern Spain. If you think any other beach should be on this list, leave a comment below; we’re always open to your suggestions!

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