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10 Oct
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Are you in Granada, and you want to live an authentic experience? You should head to the tablaos Flamenco in Granada and fall in love with the cradle of this art.

The Flamenco in Granada is defined by a centuries-old history and an undeniable tradition, so much that it even has its own name: the Zambra. Deriving from the Arab word zumra, which means “party”, the Zambra is the most traditional and antique form of Flamenco, which in the end is “a party for the senses”.

And if you want to enjoy the most authentic expression of the Flamenco, you should head to one of the most peculiar and authentic neighbourhoods in Granada, the Sacromonte. It is here where the gipsies have helped the conversion of the Moorish tradition of the Zambra into modern-day Flamenco.

The basis for modern-day Flamenco dates back to the 18th and 19th century when it acquired its own music style. Afterwards, the Flamenco started to be known outside the gipsy culture. At the same time, the district of Sacromonte and its caves became fundamental because it’s there where the most authentic gipsy culture can be found.

Nowadays, the Zambra is the gipsies’ purest form of art. Stop by their caves and catch a glimpse of the Flamenco shows that take place daily here.

Places where to see Flamenco in Granada

Because Granada is filled with tablaos (take a look here to know the different types of scenarios where the Flamenco shows take place), it’s not complicated to find, live, and enjoy the best Flamenco experiences.

1. El Templo del Flamenco

In a traditionally-decorated, three-nave cave with a central area where the tableau is located, unique Flamenco shows take place, featuring Flamenco tangoes, the soleas accompanied by bulerías or segurillas, alegrías and guajiras. This kind of shows alternates with more-modern Flamenco and guitar solos.

The Templo del Flamenco is Granada’s biggest Flamenco cave, and it offers shows and various kinds of menus (gluten-free and vegan options are available).

Shows are at 6 pm, 8 pm and 10 pm.


  • Menus: €25/50
  • Tickets with no menu: €26
Address: 41, Pernaleros Alto street

2. La Alboreá

A few minutes from the Albaycín, the Alhambra and the Sacromonte, you will find a cosy space that unites songs, dances and a unique touch of the traditional Flamenco.  Comfortable seating areas welcome up to 70 people.

Two daily shows at 7 pm and 8.45 pm


  • General entrance: €20 
  • Students and retirees: €18 
  • Children between 6 and 12 y.o.: €8
  • Children less than 6 y.o.: free 
  • Vinos de Granada (reserved table for 2 people and a bottle of wine to be chosen among the Vinos de Granada): €25 
  • Tour Albaicín & Sacromonte (includes a guided tour of the Albayzin and Sacromonte districts): €27
  • Ibérico (includes a reserved table, Iberian hams and a bottle of wine or a drink): €30 
  • Carmela (includes a menu at Restaurante Carmela from 6 pm): €36
Address: 3, Pan street

3. Cuevas Los Tarantos

Cuevas Los Tarantos – Flamenco Show from Cuevas Los Tarantos – Flamenco – on Vimeo.

This emblematic place offers one of the purest and most passionate zambra shows. Great artists display their talent and charm every night since 1972. The Cuevas Los Tarantos also provides several other services and options to enjoy your Flamenco experience at best (Flamenco masterclasses, the hiring of the caves, guided tours of Albaicín and Sacromonte and transfer with minibuses).

Shows are at 9.15 pm and 10.30 pm


  • Show + drink: €26 
  • Show + dinner: €56 
  • Show + drink + transport + guided walk: €30 
  • Show + dinner + transport + guided walk: €60
  • Younger than 5 y.o.: free
Address: 9, Camino del Sacromonte

4. Cueva Zambra la Faraona

This cave belongs to La Faraona family since the 50s. Once here, you will feel like you are attending the most authentic gipsy party.

Shows are at 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Price: €2 (includes a drink)
Address: 51, Santo Sepulcro del Sacromonte street

5. Cueva de la Rocío

This zambra is ruled by the gipsy Maya family, whose members are some of the greatest Flamenco artists. The Cueva de la Rocio owns three caves and a terrace overlooking the Alhambra, which you can also rent alongside a catering service.

Shows are each hour from 8 pm to 11 pm

Price (prices for children between 5 and 9 are displayed between parenthesis):

  • Show + consumption: €20 (€10)
  • Show + drink + transport and visit: €30 (€15) 
  • Show + dinner (only shows at 10 pm): €55 (€27.50)
  • Show + dinner + transport and visit (only shows at 10 pm): €60 (€30)
Address: 70, Camino del Sacromonte

6. Zambra María La Canastera

This 50-year-old zambra is decorated with photos of distinguished visitors that were awe-inspired by the place and the handcrafts that are displayed here. The purest tradition has been kept ever since María La Canastera used to dance here.

It owes its name to María Cortés Heredia, known as “La Canastera” because her father produced baskets. She lived with her family in this cave, which has been kept as it was in the first half of the 20th century. Nowadays, it welcomes a cultural museum where Flamenco shows take place following the lead indicated by María La Canastera.

Shows take place at 9.45 pm (March to October) and at 9.30 pm (November to February).


  • €22 (includes a drink)
  • Show + transport: €28
Address: 89, Camino del Sacromonte

7. Venta El Gallo

This Flamenco cave is located facing the Alhambra and offers Granada’s typical cuisine, and Flamenco shows where the visitor gets caught up in the atmosphere created by the guitar, songs, and dances in the most authentic Flamenco style.

Shows are at 9.15 pm and 10.40 pm.


  • Show : €26
  • Show + Tapas Menu: €50 
  • Show + Tapas Menu + transport: €55 
  • Show + Gallo Menu: €58
  • Show + Gallo Menu + transport: €65
Address: 5, Barranco de los Negros

8. Le Chien Andalou

A romantic stroll in the Carrera del Darro takes you to the Paseo de los Tristes, where Le Chien Andalou tablao is located.

They offer three daily shows that include singing, dancing and guitar playing, in a very intimate and exclusive tablao, to feel the real Flamenco essence.

Besides, you can enjoy Flamenco while having the typical dishes of Granada, accompanied by delicious wines, as this tablao offers a wide menu of lunchmeat and delicacies of the area, with vegan options and three types of 2-people menu that include entrance. Prices vary between €55 and €75.

Winter shows are at 7.30 pm, 9.30 pm and 11.30 pm; summer shows are at 8 pm, 10 pm and 12 am.


  • Front entrance (closest to the stage): €12
  • Back entrance (farther from the stage): €14
Address: 7, Carrera del Darro

Places to stay in Granada

As you can see, there will be no problems in enjoying the Flamenco in Granada. Let the charm guide you and live a unique and unforgettable experience in one of the holiday homes in Granada and its province.

Disclaimer: prices and opening hours may vary according to the season. Check them on the caves’ official website before booking your tickets.

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