When to visit Malaga and the Costa del Sol

08 Aug
Last update: 27 January, 2020

At Ruralidays, we provide you with tips on when to visit Malaga: weather, fiestas and all the year-round must-do activities. Take a look at them!

Discover in this post the best time to visit Malaga and its province. You can choose when to travel to the Costa del Sol and do the activities you prefer, depending on when your holidays are or what interests you the most. 

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Visit Malaga in spring

Undoubtedly, spring is the ideal time of the year to travel, because of the pleasant temperatures. During this season, we recommend you visit the inland area of the province and discover the beauties of its natural parks. Visit the quaint white towns, taste the delicious cuisine and live authentic local experiences, such as the Holy Week. 

Visit Malaga in spring - Strelitzia

March in Malaga

When March starts, spring envelops Malaga: temperatures rise to 20ºC and the days are mostly sunny. Take advantage of the sunbeams, go for tapas in the open air, plan a visit to the museums during the last hours of the afternoon, andvisit the Alcazaba at night. During March, the city is unusually quiet, as there usually aren’t as many tourists as in other seasons of the year.

March in Malaga - Alcazaba by night

April in Malaga

In April, Malaga welcomes the bloom of spring and, if you choose this season, you will both experience the Semana Santa, and you will be able to hike in the Natural Park of the Montes de Málaga.

The Semana Santa is a significant religious, social and cultural event that is celebrated each year in the whole Andalucia, in the week that goes from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. If you’re in Malaga, you can admire the local tradition and see the processions that fill the city centre week-round.

Holy Week in Malaga in April - Virgen de la Pollinica

If you’d instead enjoy a more tranquil activity, spring in Malaga is ideal for a getaway in the Natural Park Montes de Málaga. This protected area is located in the mountains that envelop the city, 5 km north, and it’s considered the green lung of the city. There, you can hike different paths and discover the authentic wildlife, besides trying the rich Plato de Los Montes, the star dish of this area (made with loin, fried potatoes, spicy pork sausage, egg, blood sausage and grilled peppers).

May in Malaga

If you travel in May, we recommend you take part in the Noche en Blanco, a cultural event that offers the possibility of visiting museums, monuments, assisting concerts and activities for free. Reach Malaga city centre, get to know the malagueños and make the most of this night to enter the museums and take part in the cultural activities. Just keep in mind that several museums and monuments are accessible only via prior booking. 

Visit Malaga in summer

Summer is the season when Malaga welcomes the highest quantity of tourists. It’s the perfect destination to spend your holidays, thanks to themarvellous beaches of the Costa del Sol and the festive ambience of the towns. Although August is the hottest month, and when the majority of people gather, you can make the most of your stay in the province of Malaga both in June and July.

June in Malaga

June is the first summer month, and the climate is perfect for enjoying life on the coast. In fact, spending the day on the beach will be your favourite activity, as the temperatures still aren’t extremely hot and, thanks to the low attendance, it won’t take you long to find the best spot on the seashore.

Besides, if you’re in Malaga between June 23rd and 24th, you can take part in the celebrations for the noche de San Juan. During the year’s shortest night, the beachfront restaurants fill with people, and the beaches welcome big groups of friends for bonfires on the sand and a midnight bath as a good-luck wish.

Bonfire on the beach for San Juan - June in Malaga

July in Malaga

Although the number of tourists is higher than in the previous months, July is still the best month to enjoy the beaches on the Costa del Sol. 

Plan a visit to the coastal towns, such as Nerja, the spectacular cliffs of Maro, the posh city of Marbella, and touristic Fuengirola. While you are in Malaga, live the city and enjoy the delicious espetos de sardinas in the chiringuitos, especially those of the Paseo Marítimo in Pedregalejo area. 

Nerja beach to go in July

August in Malaga

The summer month par excellence is, at the same time, the best for living the fiesta on the Costa del Sol. If you love going out with your friends and have a copa in the bars, the West Coast offers countless possibilities of doing so.

August is also the month of the Malaga fair. The city celebrates its most important event for one week, in the streets of the city centre by day and in “El Real” fairground, where the night fair usually takes place. The festival starts with a splendid fireworks show on La Malagueta beach, which you can admire from almost any point in the city.

Fireworks to start the Malaga fair, seen from Gibralfaro Mountain - Ruralidays
Fireworks to start the Malaga fair, seen from Gibralfaro Mountain – Copyright Ruralidays
We recommend you go up the Gibralfaro mountain to enjoy the show from a privileged spot.

If you visit Malaga in August, don’t miss out on this celebration and enjoy the most awaited fiesta together with locals.

September in Malaga

Despite being a more tranquil month than the previous weeks, September still features the perfect climate to enjoy the beauties of the Costa del Sol.

If you want to discover the province, we suggest you reach the Caminito del Rey. This path, located 100 metres above the gorge formed by the River Guadalhorce, in El Chorro area and 60 km from Malaga, offers some staggering landscapes to those who are not afraid of heights.

Because El Caminito del Rey is highly demanded, you should book your tickets long beforehand.
Caminito del Rey - Malaga in September
Copyright Ruralidays

Visit Malaga in autumn

With temperatures rounding 20ºC, it’s possible to keep enjoying outdoor activities in autumn, after the crowded summer months. Getaways to nearby cities and towns, visits to natural parks and museums are a great option to enjoy the province of Malaga in autumn. 

Casares in the province of Malaga, to visit in autumn

October in Malaga

In October, the days are sunny, and not as hot as in summer, for which you can take advantage and discover the splendid Ronda. This charming city is easily reachable from Malaga by car or by bus, and it’s set 750 metres above sea level. Old and rich in history, Ronda provides some unforgettable panoramas, surrounded by the fabulous Serrania.

November in Malaga

Despite this being the time when the most rain falls in the whole year, there are still many things to do in the capital city of the Costa del Sol. Malaga is the city of museums and culture. Therefore, you can make the most of the (rare) rainy days and visit the Picasso Museum, the Casa Natal, the Pompidou with contemporary art, the Russian Museum and the Museo Automovilístico, among others. 

November in Malaga - visit the museums

Visit Malaga in winter

During the coldest season of the year, the temperatures round 10ºC and many days are sunny. What you must keep in mind is that you will have to put some warm clothes on, since there’s a high level of humidity.

December in Malaga

When December starts, the whole province smells like Christmas. At the beginning of the month, the Old Town streets get illuminated by decorations and Christmas lights. The famous alumbrado is inaugurated in calle Larios, whose lights dance to the rhythm of Christmas carols and songs. Besides, in the whole province, you will have the chance of tasting delicious Christmas sweets, such as turrones, polvorones and mantecados. Don’t miss out on them!

January in Malaga

Although with colder temperatures, Malaga still offers so much to do even in January. If you’re in the city during this month, you can attend the traditional Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos, on the afternoon of January 5th. During this procession, several carriages go through the streets of the city, distributing candies and toys for the little ones. The following day, the kids receive the presents, bought by the Three Wise Kings.

During the coldest January afternoons, a good option is to stop in one of the cafeterias in the city centre to have churros with hot chocolate. 

Eat churros in Malaga in January

February in Malaga

With average temperatures between 15 and 23ºC, you can feel spring approaching, as you see the almond trees blossoming. In February, you can discover the natural parks and visit the fabulous white towns in the province.

Besides, the city welcomes the Carnival celebrations, with the famous “Quema del Boquerón”, and the Andalucia Day, on February 28th. This day is festive in the whole region and many towns and cities celebrate it by decorating the streets. 

Places to stay in Malaga

Whichever the season when you choose to visit Malaga and the Costa del Sol, find on our webpage a wide selection of accommodation that fits each month of the year. Take a look at the most charming holiday homes in the province of Malaga, fireplace-equipped for the chilly winter nights, and look for villas with private pool to refresh in summer. Plan your holidays on the Costa del Sol and book the house that suits you best!

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