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21 Aug
Last update: 20 January, 2020

If you want to know which the best time to visit Cordoba is, don’t miss out on this information on what to do regardless of the season, brought to you by Ruralidays.

Cordoba is one of the most famous Andalusian cities, whose Old Town welcomes several monuments and buildings that show the pacific convivence of three different cultures, which culminate in the monumental Mosque-Cathedral

Thanks to the cultures and religions mixing during the centuries, Cordoba is provided with a unique charm: strolling in its streets will make you fall in love with its secrets. Both the capital city and the province feature countless charming hideouts to discover; so, to make the most of your holidays, take a look at the activities you can do in the province each month of the year. Keep reading! 

Visit Cordoba in spring

Undoubtedly, spring is the best season for visiting Cordoba. The temperatures, which are about 20-25ºC, are perfect for enjoying the streets and visiting the city; besides, the days are sunny and rainfalls rare. 

Nature comes back to life: trees and flowerpots fill with flowers, being these the main characters of Cordoba, especially in May. If you decide to travel to this wonderful Andalusian province in spring, you can attend the year’s most awaited events: the Festival de los Patios, the Feria, the Semana Santa, and the Batalla de las Flores

March in Cordoba

With an average temperature of 20ºC, March is the ideal month to enjoy a visit to Cordoba without having to share it with too many tourists. 

Enter the city’s Old Town, considered as the biggest Old Town in Europe and the biggest urban area that has been declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Its marvels include the Mosque-Cathedral, the symbol of the city. The world’s third biggest mosque (following La Meca Mosque and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul), World Heritage Site and symbol of the pacific convivence of the three main religions, this building mixes Arab, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, thus converting in a real architectonic jewel that you can’t miss out on during your visit to Cordoba. 

Visit Cordoba in March - Mosque-Cahtedral
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April in Cordoba

Spring has sprung: enjoy nature thanks to two activities that will leave you speechless. 

Visit Cordoba in April - Gardens of the Real Alcázar

As you visit the city, the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is a must-see: you will be charmed by its patios and fabulous gardens that, during this season, become a real show of colours and smells

If you love nature and you want to discover some hiking routes on the outskirts of the city, the province of Cordoba offers Andalucia’s best Vias Verdes, among which the Via Verde del Aceite and the Via Verde de la Campiña stand out. 

Visit Cordoba in April - Vias Verdes
©FFE-Vías Verdes

May in Cordoba

May is the month of Cordoba: the ideal temperatures and local events weave together and provide a unique experience. 

The celebrations are inaugurated by the Cruces de Mayo, whose Christian tradition has become one of the most popular celebrations in the city. The five-day event sees flower-decorated crosses being raised in the patios and streets of Cordoba, the best of which is then awarded by the City Council. 

Visit Cordoba in May - Cruces de Mayo

In the second or third week, the Festival de los Patios fill the streets of Cordoba, a contest where more than 50 patios exceptionally open to the public. It’s a real explosion of flowers, colours and fragrances. You won’t be able to choose which one you like the most!

The fair of the city, also called Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, takes place during the month’s last week, and, each year, Cordovan people and tourists gather to celebrate the local culture with shows, dances and music. 

Visit Cordoba in summer

Despite the summer not being the best season for visiting Cordoba (because of the high temperatures), there are some activities that you can do if you can only travel during this season. Defy the 40ºC of the Cordovan summer and discover what to in Cordoba during the year’s hottest season. 

June in Cordoba

Summer is starting and, despite the heat, the city offers several interesting activities, at night above all. First of all, you can enjoy the Cordovan summer nights by dining in the several restaurants or visiting the Mercado Victoria, as you taste typical dishes, such as the famous salmorejo with a glass of red wine.

Likewise, you can’t miss out on the music and Flamenco shows. Speaking of which, in mid-June, the Noche Blanca del Flamenco takes place, which is a cultural event where the best Flamenco artists gather in the charming mark of Cordoba: this is an authentic experience for you Andalusian summer. 

July in Cordoba

The city empties, as the Cordovan people go on holidays to the coast: the ambience is more tranquil and, despite this, you will have plenty of things to do

For example, if you haven’t visited the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos during the day, to avoid the high temperature, take into consideration visiting it by night: the Noches Mágicas allow you to visit this historical place and enjoy a water, light and music show in its marvellous gardens. A unique experience during the summer nights!

August in Cordoba

An excellent way to put up with the heat is to try the area’s typical dish, the Salmorejo. This cream, made with bread, tomato, garlic and olive oil, is ideal for refreshing during the hot summer days. Besides the salmorejo, you can try many other delicious dishes, in the city’s most famous restaurants. 

Visit Cordoba in August - Salmorejo

At night, you should visit Medina Azahara for another unforgettable experience. Medina Azahara was a magnificent city on the outskirts of Cordoba, facing the valley of the river Guadalquivir. Nowadays, it is an archaeological site, which was also declared a World Heritage Site. Guided night visits are arranged that include transportation, leaving from Cordoba. 

Lastly, if you can’t wait to refresh, you will be happy to know that Cordoba is provided with three man-made beaches: the reservoir of La Breña, in Almodóvar del Río, the reservoir of La Colada, in El Viso, and the area of Valdearenas, in Iznájar allow you to refresh and leave the heat behind for one day. 

September in Cordoba

As summer ends, the temperatures become more pleasant, especially for visiting towns and cities. At night, you can stroll through the streets and Cordoba’s most famous squares, and cross the bridges that are illuminated by beautiful lighting. 

This month is also ideal for visiting the province, so we advise you to plan a route through the most beautiful towns of Cordoba. Priego de Cordoba, Baena, Almodóvar del Río and Hornachuelos stand out among the many charming towns, where you can get lost strolling in the streets, discovering the local culture and, of course, enjoying the local cuisine.

Visit Cordoba in September - Hornachuelos
Photo courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Hornachuelos

Visit Cordoba in autumn

Autumn is another ideal season to live the city since the temperatures are mild and there are still a few days of rain. Besides, because autumn is considered to be midseason, the number of tourists is not as high as at other times of the year. 

October in Cordoba

During the pleasant October days, when there is still sun and ideal temperature, we recommend you visit the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park. If you are a nature lover, you can’t miss this visit: you will enjoy hiking trails and admiring unique flora and fauna. During this month, you will even be able to observe and listen to the deer bellow. Also, don’t miss the views of the Bembézar reservoir, which collects water from River Bembézar and its tributaries. 

Visit Cordoba in October - Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park
Photo courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Hornachuelos

November in Cordoba

If you are in Cordoba during November, know that it may rain someday. Do not be discouraged! Take advantage of these days to visit museums and attractions. For example, if you have not yet entered the Mosque-Cathedral, plan a visit that will surely occupy a good part of the afternoon. Continue your tour with the Synagogue, the only one in Andalucia and one of the three that still exist in Spain. It’s possible to take part in a guided tour to discover its history and art. 

Visit Cordoba in winter

Winter also offers different activities that will make you fall in love with the city of Cordoba. The magical Christmas atmosphere begins this season, during which the city and towns are adorned with lights, nativity scenes and welcome fabulous events. 

December in Cordoba

With the arrival of December, a magical atmosphere envelops the city: the streets are illuminated with spectacular lights and filled with nativity scenes and Christmas markets. The famous Patios open their doors so that Cordovan inhabitants and tourists can admire the fabulous Christmas decorations of these charming hideouts. 

In the Cordovan town of Rute, the world’s largest chocolate nativity scene is produced every year, in a completely handmade way: 1,500 kg of chocolate shape characters, biblical and everyday scenes, including landscapes and monuments of nowadays Spain. This sweet visit will delight both children and adults. 

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January in Cordoba

Just like the other provinces, if you are in Cordoba at the beginning of January, you will continue to perceive the magical Christmas atmosphere. On January 5th, the traditional Three Kings’ parade takes place, during which the streets are filled with people attending the show, while candies are distributed.

Take advantage of the cold weather to stroll in the streets, go to a cafeteria and have hot chocolate with the typical Pastél Cordobés

February in Cordoba

Because the weather is usually quite cold in February, we propose our selection of villas and holiday homes in the province of Cordoba: this way, you can enjoy the winter, perhaps reunited with your family in a living room with fireplace. Of course, on February 28th, the day of Andalusia is celebrated, so you can take advantage to enjoy the celebrations on the occasion of this regional holiday. 

As you can see, Cordoba offers countless activities and tourist attractions year-round, although spring and autumn are the seasons that stand out. In any case, if you still don’t know the best time to visit Cordoba, you have no excuses, come and enjoy it with Ruralidays!

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