What to do in Andalucia in 7 days

09 May
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Discover what to do in Andalucia in 7 days.

A week trip has never been this exciting!

Whether you’re reading this post because you’re planning a 7-day trip to southern Spain or you need some advice on what to do in Andalucia, keep scrolling. You will discover tips and curiosities about the main Andalusian cities, and an itinerary to help you visit the main cities of Andalucia in just seven days.

However, this is just an idea. Travelling is great because you can choose to follow every, one or none of the following recommendations.

So, let’s get this party started and discover what to do in Andalucia in 7 days!

Day one: Malaga

Being Pablo Picasso airport Andalucia’s most transited airport, Malaga can’t be but the first stage of this 7-day trip through Andalucia, which you can easily reach by bus, train or taxi. The capital city of Costa del Sol is also Spain’s sixth-biggest city. Its historic centre is full of charm, and you will have the chance to get to know the traces left by the civilisations that have been ruling Malaga for centuries. To discover the city’s hideouts in a much deeper way, check this post out.

What to do in Andalucia - Malaga views

You may be interested in the magnificent I-century Roman Theatre, at the foot of the impressive Alcazaba, built by the Moors in the 11th century. While here, you can’t miss out on the path that leads up to the Gibralfaro mountain, where the homonymous castle is located. This is a great viewpoint to enjoy the city at your feet.

And speaking of viewpoints, you will want to enjoy your lunch on the rooftop terrace of the AC Malaga Palacio, located near the Cathedral. The views from here are hardly forgettable.

Once you’ve filled your stomach, be sure to visit the nearby Cathedral, fondly known as “Manquita” (Spanish for “the One-Handed”) by the locals. This nickname is because the lack of resources during its construction left the Cathedral with only one tower.

What to do in Andalucia - Cathedral Manquita in Malaga

Go ahead and visit the Plaza de la Merced (where the worldwide famous painter Pablo Picasso’s birthplace is located), the neighbourhood of the museums and that of art, known as “Soho”, and the modern Muelle Uno.  

Day two: Nerja and Granada

On the second day, rent a car, and take the A-7 towards east. Nerja is just one hour far. This magnificent white town does deserve a stop on your route towards Granada, the next big city of this itinerary of Andalucia in 7 days.

What to do in Andalucia - Beach of Nerja, Andalucia

Nerja can be easily discovered in one day. The astonishing Balcón de Europa and the unique Caves of Nerja should be your priorities. Walk through the town’s narrow street and get lost in its authentic atmosphere, and enjoy a paella in the famous chiringuito, El Ayo.

Once you think your daydream is over, jump in the car and continue driving towards the east. When in Motril, take the A-44 towards Granada, which you will reach within one hour.

You can spend the first day in Granada wandering through its historic centre. Discover the Moorish neighbourhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte, whose viewpoints will provide you with terrific views of the city. In particular, don’t miss out on the Mirador de San Nicolás at sunset. You can thank us later for this one! At night, enjoy the delicious Tortilla de Sacromonte, a Spanish omelette typical of this area of the city.

What to do in Andalucia - Wander through Granada city centre

Day three: Granada and Antequera

Today is the Alhambra day! Book your tickets before your visit (1-to-2 months before your trip), and you will have the possibility to discover Spain’s most visited monument. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, since the visit to the Alhambra will bring you to the discovery of the Nasrid palaces, the Generalife Palace and the majestic gardens. From here, take revel in the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada’s mountains.

What to do in Andalucia - Visit the Alhambra

Before getting back on track, remember to try the mouthwatering tapas in Granada’s most renowned restaurants. You will be served one with each drink you take!

With a full stomach and a happy spirit, leave for Antequera, the heart of Andalucia. Take the A-92 towards the west and drive for slightly more than one hour, until you spot the profile of the Peña de Los Enamorados. You will know that Antequera is close! Located at the cross of the streets that connect Andalucia’s main cities, Antequera is famous for the cultural patrimony it owns.

Visit the most amazing churches, among which the Church of Our Lady of El Carmen stands out, and the bullring, one of the most picturesque in whole Andalucia. Know the history of the Peña de Los Enamorados, while discovering the Alcazaba. Antequera will steal your heart, get ready for it!

What to do in Andaluca - Visit Antequera

Day four: Antequera and Cordoba

With enough time ahead of you, go for a route in the karstic Torcal de Antequera and the Dolmens, which have been recently declared World Heritage Site. Get to know their history for a morning full of magnificent landscapes.

After resting for lunch, be prepared to discover the city with the biggest historic centre declared World Heritage Site. Cordoba is 115 km far from Antequera, and you can reach it by taking the A-45 towards the north. While driving, you will flank the Natural Park of Sierras Subbéticas, which is crossed by one of the most interesting Vias Verdes in Cordoba.

Once you get to the city centre, you will discover that it is a real melting pot of the traces left by the pacific coexistence of Christianism, Islam and Judaism. Start your visit of Cordoba from the Tower of Calahorra, which gives access to the Roman bridge, leading to the breathtaking Mosque-Cathedral. Once here, take your time to revel in the beauty of the decoration.

What to do in Andalucia - Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba

The fourth day of your 7-day trip to Andalucia should end with a visit to the Plaza de la Corredera, where you can enjoy flamenquines and salmorejo!

Day five: Cordoba and Seville

We are getting closer to the end of the trip, but there are still many things to be seen. Spend the first part of the day wandering in the Cordovan streets; don’t miss out on the Alcázar of the Catholic Monarchs and the Jewish neighbourhood. You will be welcomed by delicious scents and colourful flowers if you choose to visit it in May, during the Patios Festival.

What to do in Andalucia - The Alcázar in Cordoba

The last stage of this trip is less than two hours away from Cordoba. Take the A-4 towards the west and reach Andalucia’s capital city. Once in Seville, go up the Metropol Parasol and enjoy the views of the city at sunset. And if you are a Flamenco lover, you can spend the last part of the day at a tablao, where you will eat and drink at the rhythm of Sevillanas, danced by renowned Flamenco dancers.  

Day six: Seville

The second day in Seville should be composed of a visit to the impressive 1929 Plaza de España and the surrounding gardens of María Luisa. Then, move towards the famous Torre del Oro, known for being a gold keeper during the Colonisation times.

What to do in Andalucia - Cathedral and Giralda

Stop in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and recharge batteries in one of its countless bars and restaurants. Then, visit the 15th-century Cathedral, where Christopher Columbus’s monumental tomb is located. The bell-tower La Giralda and the India Archive are also worth a visit. As the last stage, reach the Triana neighbourhood and pay a visit to Seville’s most famous Virgin, La Esperanza.

Day seven: Seville or Malaga

Depending on the time of your flights and the airport you’re leaving from, you will have to reach the airport of Seville or that of Malaga. In case you choose the first option, know that you will be charged a little extra fee for leaving the rental car here.

If, on the other hand, your scheduled flight leaves from Malaga, take the A-92 towards the capital city of Costa del Sol. Within a 2 hour drive, you will reach the airport, and you can jump on the flight that will take you back home.

Hope you enjoyed 😉

Places to stay in Antequera

If you’re looking for a more relaxing discovery of the main cities in Andalucia, we have got you covered on that one, too! The best option is to rent a villa in Antequera and visit the cities on a day-trip. You can find the holiday homes that best suit your needs, with private pool, views of the Torcal and even some that welcome your beloved four-legged friend. The heart of Andalucia is known by this name for a reason, you know?

We hope you liked this itinerary and recommendations about what to do in Andalucia in 7 days!

Have you tried to follow this route? Which Andalusian cities have you already visited? Tell us in the comments below!

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