Chiringuitos in Malaga: beachfront restaurants in Costa del Sol

20 Apr
Last update: 12 July, 2023

Fancy delicious seafood? Take a look at the chiringuitos in Malaga!

The famous chiringuitos are beachfront restaurants that you can find located on the most attended beaches of Malaga and its province. Their name is said to belong to the Cuban tradition, most precisely to the way Cubans used to ask for coffee (known as “chiringo” or “chiringuito”).

Filled with locals and tourists from the day they open (usually, around the Holy Week) until when they close the working season (end of October), the chiringuitos offer delicious meals. Avocado salads, meat but, mainly, seafood prepared in all the possible ways are what make them an unmissable stop in the province of Malaga. As a plus, they are provided with outdoor dining areas, where you can fill your stomach while feeling the sand on your feet.

You can distinguish them by the typical boat located near the restaurants, on the beach. These boats are filled with burning olive wood, which makes the seafood acquire that distinct taste (and smell). Accompany them with a glass of vino tinto (red wine), a cerveza (beer) or sangria (drink made of red wine and fruits). During the warm summer days and nights, this is all you will be longing for!

The whole Costa del Sol, as well as the city of Malaga itself, is provided with some wonderful chiringuitos, each of which is characterised by a unique atmosphere.

The chiringuitos in Malaga

The chiringuitos in Malaga are divided mainly into three areas: the Malagueta, which is more attended by tourists than locals, El Palo and La Misericordia, where you should go if you want to live the truest and most authentic experience in a beachfront restaurant. This is because these two areas on the eastern and western side of Malaga are mostly populated by locals, who love having a copa and delicious seafood by the sea. Just make sure to go during weekends or at night, to hear Spanish. Otherwise, you will be surrounded by tourists, especially early at midday, during weekdays.

Among the most famous and renowned chiringuitos of the capital city of Costa del Sol, you can’t miss out on El Tintero. Once you get to the neighbourhood of El Palo, on the beach of El Dedo, be ready to eat exactly what you see! In fact, the waiters go around the tables with plates full of seafood, trying to convince you to choose one with mouthwatering descriptions. If you see one that conquers your heart (and stomach), just raise your hand, and you will have the possibility to satisfy your cravings. When you’re full, just ask for the bill. You will pay depending on how many plates you have on your table, each of which costs 7€.

Another beachfront restaurant that deserves a special mention is El Balneario de Los Baños del Carmen. Located in the homonymous location at the end of the neighbourhood of El Palo, this restaurant will welcome you with a spectacular atmosphere. While under the porch, you will be able to touch the seawater brought by the waves. The salty atmosphere you can breathe here is one of the most appealing characteristics of this chiringuito-like restaurant.

El Balneario in Los Baños del Carmen in Malaga
Photo courtesy of El Balneario

Western Costa del Sol

The western side of Costa del Sol welcomes lots of chiringuitos. All the coastal towns own fantastic beachfront restaurants, which attract locals and tourists from all over the world. The experience you feel here is one of a kind. You can eat the best seafood ever while the sand provides you with a smooth massage.

When you move towards West from Malaga, you will come to the touristic town of Torremolinos. Being one of the most populated areas of West Costa del Sol, especially in summer, this town has upgraded its chiringuitos. The majority of them, located in Los Alamos area, have been transformed into modern constructions, with chill-out areas and new age music. The Los Alamos area is also famous for owning some of the most famous discos of western Costa del Sol, so no wonder that the chiringuitos have adapted to this new trend.

Talking about an upgrade in the beachfront restaurants business, Marbella doesn’t lag behind. The same atmosphere that you can feel all over the city also characterises Marbella and Puerto Banús, known as the luxury area of the Costa del Sol. And luxury is what rules here indeed, an example of which you can spot at Trocadero Playa restaurant, provided with the most traditional chiringuito services and modern chill-out areas, as well as hammocks rental service. The chiringuitos in Marbella are where comfort meets tradition.

Another spot that deserves a mention is Benalmádena, whose paseo marítimo welcomes many chiringuitos. Moreover, the magnificent small coves that depict the landscape surrounding the town are characterised by small chiringuitos, which often lean out on the virgin beaches below.

Eastern Costa del Sol

The most famous chiringuito of the eastern side of Costa del Sol is undoubtedly the Chiringuito de Ayo in Nerja. Located on the beach of Burriana, in the Paseo marítimo Antonio Mercero, this chiringuito reached the fame in the ‘80s, when the successful TV series “Verano Azul” was broadcasted all over Spain. The signature dish is the delicious paella, which you can taste without having to order it: a warm portion is always available.

El Chiringuito Ayo from Gon Project on Vimeo.

Places to stay in Costa del Sol

The need to enjoy and try each and every chiringuito of the Costa del Sol leads to the need to find an accommodation that allows you to do so. This is the reason why we provide you with the best holiday homes and villas in Costa del Sol. The closeness to the beach is ideal for revelling in the delicious seafood while enjoying the most breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea you’ve ever seen. 

The Costa del Sol relies on countless beachfront restaurants. Discover which the main characteristics of the chiringuitos in Malaga are.

Which is your favourite chiringuito? Do you have a preferred area where to enjoy seafood in Costa del Sol? Tell us in the comments below!

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