What to see in Granada in two days

22 Jan
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Take a look at what you can see in Granada in two days

Sometimes, you only have a weekend or a day to discover a destination, no matter how magical it is. That is why what you need is some excellent guidance to help you find out the best places all over town. Just as in the case of Ronda, we will guide you through the most important spots you need to visit if you are spending two days in Granada.

Places to stay in Granada

First of all, you need to find a place to stay. The best choice is, undoubtedly, a holiday home where you can relax and recharge batteries during your stay in Granada. Therefore, choose among the best holiday homes in Granada.

First day in Granada

After a good night of sleep, start the day lightly and get some first impressions of Granada. A guided Walking Tour or a Segway Tour might just be the perfect activities to wake yourself up. Stroll through the city centre of Granada and enjoy the plazas and squares all around.

If you are looking for a good place to have lunch, look for the famous Plaza Nueva or Plaza Bib Rambla, which are always quite lively, and where you will find a good option for a break.

Bib Rambla square in Granada

During the afternoon, take a walk through the cosy neighbourhood of Albaicín, the old Arabic area of Granada. Here, you can buy some souvenirs and enjoy some delicious Arabic tea, coffee or the tasty dulces, the Spanish for sweets.

As the afternoon continues, proceed to the Mirador de San Nicolas, which lies in the upper part of the mountainous Albaicín. From here, you will have a terrific panoramic view of the famous Alhambra of Granada and the surrounding mountains. Do NOT forget to bring your camera, as the sights will leave you breathless!

Lunch enjoying the sights over the Alhambra, Granada

As the evening is slowly showing its first signs, you should visit the unique Sacromonte area for a Flamenco show, although you’d better book the tickets in advance. It is possible to take a combined Tapas and Flamenco Tour through the cave-residences in Sacromonte.

It is the place where the gipsies, in Spanish Los Gitanos, have settled and created living spaces into the caves. Enjoy a tasty Spanish dinner while watching spectacular Flamenco in one of the most authentic settings you will ever experience.

Sacromonte caves with Flamenco school, Granada

Second day in Granada

Full of new energy, prepare yourself to visit the famous Alhambra today! It is strongly recommended to book the tickets up to two months in advance, for the demand is very high, and the tickets are limited.

If you wish to visit the famous Nasrid Palace in the Alhambra, you will only have a pre-determined time-frame of 30 minutes. Make sure you are there on time since no exceptions will be made for anyone who can’t keep up with the schedule. Wear comfortable shoes and bring some snacks and drinks to take a break in one of the majestic gardens of the Alhambra.

Gardens in the Alhambra, Granada

If you feel exhausted after being immersed in the diversity, beauty and charisma of the Alhambra, have your lunch in the nearby area. This rest will boost your energy and give you time to wonder about how the Arabs have lived their lives here in Granada. What did they do on a Sunday afternoon? You can find the answer in the popular Baños Árabes, the Arabic Baths.

A relaxing visit at the Hammam Al-Ándalus in Granada might just be what you need after all the walking and learning. Make sure to show your Alhambra tickets, as you will receive a 10% discount on the entrance fee of the Hammam Al-Ándalus in Granada. Whereas, if you book online, you will receive a discount of 20%.

Arabic Baths in Granada

If you are extremely interested in the area or you just want to spend another day in Granada, there are still plenty of things to do, in addition to the ones you have just read!

Did you like the Flamenco show in Sacromonte on the first day? Have you gotten into the mood? You can learn how to dance Flamenco – in Sacromonte. Accompanied by an English-speaking tour guide, you will have the option to learn Spain’s most cultural dance in the caves of Sacromonte, thanks to the help of an experienced teacher.

If you fell in love with the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, enjoy the uncountable options nature has to offer here! Go for a hike- or bike-tour in summer or go skiing in winter. You can easily pursue these activities from Granada!

Enjoy two days in Granada – you will want to come back for sure!

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