The Patios festival in Cordoba

13 Mar
Last update: 31 March, 2023

Welcome to the Patios Festival in Cordoba, an experience of the senses that invites you to get lost in the culture of Cordoba!

If you are visiting this Andalusian city in the second and third week of May (in 2023, from May 3rd to May 15th), you will be overwhelmed by amazing stone mosaics and appealing scents. This is due to the geraniums, jasmines, and orange blossom that,  during this time of the year, fill the streets of Cordoba.

The Patios Festival is taking place, and you are invited to join it!

Patios Contest and Fiesta de Los Patios in Cordoba

Courtyard in Cordoba open to the public during the month of May

The Patios Festival in Cordoba comprises two events. During the Patio contest, more than 50 courtyards are freely open to the public and judged by the Cordoba Council together with various private societies. This contest also happens to keep the inhabitants of Cordoba aware of the patrimony they own and to make them take care of the patios all year long. The patios that participate in the competition present a planting pot on the door so that the jury and visitors can easily recognise them.

Alongside the competition, the Patios also host some free events. The most picturesque ones are undoubtedly those about the Flamenco traditions, which give birth to a fair that lasts two weeks!

History of the Patios in Cordoba

Patios festival in Cordoba

Due to the unbearable heat and dryness of the Andalusian summer, the ancient Roman and Greek inhabitants of Cordoba started building their houses with a central patio, decorated with water fountains and wells. During the Muslim kingdom, the patios would present plants and trees, to keep local homes even cooler and more sheltered from the hot sun rays.

Shortly after, the patios started being decorated with flowers, giving birth to the patios as we know nowadays. In 1921, the first Patios Festival took place in Cordoba, and in 2002 the UNESCO inserted it the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Types of Patios in Cordoba

Courtyard in Cordoba

There are usually two types of patios in Cordoba. The first one is the private patios, among which we can distinguish the single family homes, whose rooms are located around the patio, and the neighbour homes, in which the inhabitant’s homes look over the interior patio. This last is rarer and more peculiar, with the patio’s awesomeness being divided into the first and second floor. In fact, the terraces and walls are adorned with flowers, too.

The second type of patios in Cordoba is the monument patios. This means that public buildings also have their own patios, the most famous being the Viana Palace. This 14th-century edifice, also known as Patio Museum, owns 12 courtyards open to the public all year long. You can take a guided tour of this Artistic and Historic Garden from Tuesday to Sunday, in 2, Plaza de Don Gome.

Where are the most appealing Patios in Cordoba?

If you are planning to visit Cordoba during the Patios Festival, you must visit those in the Barrio de Alcázar Viejo, a neighbourhood situated between the Alcázar and the church of Saint Basilio. Likewise, don’t miss out on the patios all around the Central Mosque in the area of the Judería and, of course, in the Viana Palace.

When do the Patios open in Cordoba?

Tourists and visitors may visit the patios for free from 11 am – 2 pm and 6 pm – 10 pm, from Sunday to Thursday, and until 12 pm on Friday and Saturday. Depending on the courtyard you want to see, you may have to book in advance, in case the request is particularly high.

Places to stay in Cordoba

Lastly, if you are looking for a place to stay and enjoy the Patios Festival in Cordoba, book one of the most ideal and comfortable holiday homes in Cordoba and its province.

The Patios Festival in Cordoba is a compulsory event for both those who love nature and those who love architecture and culture. Cordoba is all of this, and in May, it shines as never before!

You won’t want to miss it all, will you?

Have you ever been to Cordoba and enjoyed the atmosphere of the May fair? Are you looking forward to it? Leave a comment; we want to know your opinion!

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