The Caminito del Rey footpath, Spain: the ultimate guide

23 Sep
Last update: 20 January, 2020

The Caminito del Rey footpath has opened its doors again.

Go for a walk and feel the adrenaline running through your veins.

The Caminito del Rey is a 1-meter wide footpath located 100 meters above the river of Guadalhorce, in an area comprised among Ardales, Antequera and Álora (El Chorro), in the Gaitanes Gorge. Its 7.7 km include 4.8 km of large access ways, and 2.9 km of actual boardwalks, with long paths and forest walkways, too.

You can’t miss it if you love hiking and adrenaline! So, keep reading and travel to one of the most mesmerising footpaths in the world!

A little bit of history

The Caminito del Rey footpath was built between 1901 and 1905 by the Chorro Hydroelectric Society to connect the Salto del Gaitanejo with the Salto del Chorro, to make it easier for the workmen to cross while carrying materials.

The name “Caminito del Rey” (literally “the King’s footpath”) comes from the visit that King Alphonso XII made for the inauguration of the Conde del Guadalhorce dam in 1921 when the last stone (called the King’s chair) was placed.

The Caminito del Rey was used as a passage by the inhabitants of the surrounding towns until its importance started fading. When left in disuse, nature began reclaiming what was hers once. Anyhow, people kept using it until, after many had died, it was decided the Caminito had to be closed.


The renovation works started in 2014, and in some sections, a new footpath was built right above the ancient one. The Caminito del Rey eventually reopened to the public in spring 2015.   


The most impressive bridge

Desfiladero de los Gaitanes bridge

The most impressive bridge, the one representing the Caminito del Rey footpath, is undoubtedly the bridge of Gaitanes Gorge, also known as “hanging bridge of Ignacio Mena”. The 30 meters of length is 105 meters above the river, and it is here where you will experience true vertigos, as the bridge swings in the air.

How to book tickets for the Caminito del Rey

You’d better book tickets for the Caminito in advance on the Caminito del Rey official web page, since it is always very demanded, and only a limited number of people can access it every half an hour.  

The ticket costs €10, and if you want to reserve a bus that brings you back to the start of the footpath, it will cost €11.55.

In the case of strong wind, the Caminito will remain close. You should check the news from time to time, especially on the day of your visit, since the experts decide each day whether the Caminito del Rey footpath will open or not.

How to reach the Caminito del Rey

You can reach the Caminito del Rey either by car or by train.

The itinerary starts from the town of Ardales, in the northern area of the Caminito, and, as it declines, it is easier to complete it.

If you want to reach the Caminito by car, you can do it from Malaga, Antequera, Ronda, Ardales, and El Chorro station.

If you prefer to go by train, you can leave from Seville and Malaga, reaching El Chorro station.

Get ready for the Caminito del Rey footpath

There are some tips you have to keep in mind before going on an adventure on the Caminito del Rey. Here, we provide you with some of them. For further information, check the official web page of Caminito del Rey.

  • You will be provided with helmets, which are compulsory to wear.
  • If you are travelling with children, mind that children younger than eight-years-old aren’t allowed to access the Caminito del Rey.
  • The Caminito del Rey footpath stays open in case of light rain, although umbrellas are not allowed. You will have to carry a rain jacket with you.
  • You have to show up at least 30 minutes before the hour on the booking receipt so that the groups can be arranged.
  • Bring water, solar protection, and food, and wear hiking footwear.
  • Don’t worry if you spot a train while you are walking! There is a railway right next to the Caminito del Rey.

Places to stay near the Caminito del Rey footpath

If you go hiking, you will also need a place where to relax and recharge batteries. Check out the best holiday homes and villas in the surrounding area of El Chorro, to enjoy nature without giving up comforts. You won’t regret it, we promise!

El Caminito del Rey footpath is the place you must visit if you are a lover of adrenaline rushes.

Don’t waste time, and book your ticket right now!

Have you ever been to the Caminito del Rey footpath? Did you enjoy it? Or you are now starting dreaming with its spectacular views? Tell us; we want to know!

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