Bolonia beach in Tarifa (Cadiz)

19 Jul
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Let Bolonia beach in Tarifa surprise you, thanks to Ruralidays, and enjoy one of the best beaches in Spain. Discover the facilities, services and must-sees.

Bolonia beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Cadiz for its excellent characteristics. A semi-virgin beach, with tranquil, crystal-clear waters, fine and white sand, a paradise on earth where to enjoy your well-deserved sun and fun holidays in the south of Spain. Don’t miss out on Tarifa and its dream beaches. 

In this post, you will find out the characteristics and tips to make the most of your stay at Bolonia beach. 

Crystal-clear water of Bolonia beach

Where is Bolonia beach

Bolonia is located 20 km from the town of Tarifa, to which it belongs. The beach delimits with Punta Paloma at east, and the beach of Arroyo Cañuelo and punta Camarinal on the west. It also borders the Natural Park of El Estrecho, the Sierra de la Plata, the Sierra de la Higuera and the Loma de San Bartolomé.

Characteristics of Bolonia beach

With its 3,800-mt length and 70-mt width, Bolonia beach is a real paradise on earth, especially fitting those who love nature and want to relax in a quiet setting. It features a nudist area, the protected area of El Chorrito, characterised by hidden coves. The natural spaces that surround the beach belong to the Natural Park of El Estrecho, and make it a virgin and natural shore. The beach is perfect for those who seek preserved wild environments, where the creation of urbanised areas are forbidden. 

Virgin beach of Bolonia

Even so, Bolonia beach is also provided with El Lentiscal area, featuring services and facilities and ideal for spending a relaxing family day. 

Another characteristic of the beach that you should keep in mind is the strong winds of Levante and Poniente that blow almost uninterruptedly. Despite this being bearable, during the Levante days, the wind can be somewhat annoying. On the other hand, when this wind blows, the beach is practically deserted, and you can make the most of the waves to enjoy water sports. 

Facilities and services

The facilities, such as restaurants, bars, chiringuitos, a Red Cross post, maritime surveillance, spacious parking lots and rentals of sun loungers and parasols, can be found in the central part of the beach, El Lentiscal.

Where to eat at Bolonia beach

The several bars and restaurants of the central part of Bolonia beach are perfect for rejoicing in delicious seafood and awe-inspiring views. You can taste high-quality dishes in beachside restaurants. The best chiringuitos and restaurants in the area are:

  • Restaurante Las Rejas, located beachfront, which allows you to make the most of the sea breeze and, at the same time, delight with flavoury dishes. Don’t miss out on the tortitas de camarones (prawn pancakes), the atún encebollado (made with tuna fish and onions) and the croquetas de chocos en su tinta (cuttlefish croquettes).
  • The chiringuito bar La Duna is a beautiful place where you can have some tapas and a glass of wine while you rejoice in the splendid beach views.
  • The chiringuito La Cabaña, also provided with sea views, is located near the nudist part of Bolonia beach and the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. Here, you can taste tapas and make the most of a glass in front of the sea, especially at night, when this chiringuito becomes a beach pub. 

History of Bolonia beach

Ruins of Baelo Claudia in Tarifa

This place has a 2,000-year-old history, and where we go as tourists, once was a place where thousands of people work during summer. Baelo Claudia, whose ruins can be seen in the northern part of the beach, was one of the most important cities of the Roman Bética. It was founded in the late 2nd-century b.C. on the remains of the Phoenician settlement of Bailo.

Its downfall started in the 3rd century, after a terrible tsunami destroyed part of the city. What remained suffered pirate attacks, until it was completely abandoned in the 7th century. Nowadays, the remains of this old city are an important site of cultural interest, located in one of the most beautiful areas of the coast of Cadiz. 

What to do at Bolonia beach

The beach of Bolonia offers different activities, be them relaxing or sport-related: we recommend you try them all and take advantage of the wide offer of this beach. 

Walk up the Duna de Bolonia

Walk up the Duna de Bolonia

This 30-metre-high sand dune is a must-see of the beach; it was declared Natural Monument in 2001, and it has great ecological importance. It’s the perfect place to observe the African coast, which can be spotted during the clearest days. Just keep in mind that the walk up the hill is very steep; however, the views are worth the fatigue, especially at sunset. 

Visit the ruins of Baelo Claudia

Ruins of Baelo Claudia in Bolonia (Tarifa)

Of course, you can’t miss out on the ruins of Baelo Cladia. This old Roman settlement of the Bolonia cove used to have commercial relations with Northern Africa, and, nowadays, it’s a significant archaeological site. These Roman ruins are very well preserved and are worth a visit, especially if you are a history lover. 

In this settlement, you can spot the rests of the old city: the streets, the forum, the courts, the curia and the Emperor’s temple. You can also see the remains of the houses, shops, markets, aqueducts, sewage system and even the splendid theatre. 

Tip: in summer, the theatre welcomes representations and shows. You can buy tickets online here.

The site is easily accessible, and the entrance is free for EU citizens (€1.50 for other countries). For more info about dates and opening hours, visit the webpage and plan your visit. 

Enjoy watersports

Watersports at Bolonia beach

The beach of Bolonia is the ideal place to go if you love watersports: since the wind blows assiduously, you can do windsurfing, and enjoy the beach and the wind. In this area, several schools offer this service, thanks to which you can attend a class or rent the equipment. Also, there is the possibility of making the most of the clearness of the waters, by snorkelling. 

How to get to Bolonia beach

To get to this paradisiac beach, you will have to take your own vehicle, as no public transport takes you there. By car, if you are going from Cadiz to Tarifa, you will have to take the national road N-340 and, once you overtake the exit towards the town of Facinas, you will find the indication “Bolonia”, located at km. 70 approx. 

If, on the contrary, you are leaving from Tarifa, right after this town, you will find a crossroads that will take you directly to the beach of Bolonia, after an 8-km lane. Because the beach is located in a natural and hidden setting, the road is narrow and with curves, so that driving with precaution is recommeded. 

You can leave the car parked in the spacious parking lot located at the entrance of the beach, in El Lentiscal area. Keep in mind that the parking space is very much attended in summer. 

Your holiday home in Tarifa

Your holiday home in Tarifa - CAD2748

After discovering the several options offered at Bolonia beach, you should spend some days in this paradise. Therefore, we provide you with a wide choice to find the perfect accommodation in Tarifa. If you want to spend your holidays in this wonderful part of Andalucia, we recommend you take a look at these fabulous holiday homes and villas in Tarifa. They are equipped with all the comforts, a dream decor and whose facilities will make your experience the best you have ever had. 

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