Street markets in Malaga

07 Aug
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Immerse yourself in the culture of Andalucia during a stroll through the street markets in Malaga

You may already know that Malaga houses some picturesque Food Markets (if not, don’t waste time and go and read the post!). But the city is also filled with little and bigger street markets, where you can find almost everything you need. And when we say everything, we mean it. From veggies and fruits to clothes, from pans to small furniture, the street markets in Malaga provide the locals with everything they need, at a lower price than the shopping centres.

They usually take place in the morning, throughout the week depending on the area. And don’t worry if you’ve found something you like but you don’t have money on you. You can always ask for the next place where the stall is going to be and discover another street market of the city.

So, if you want to feel like a local, you should keep reading!

Street markets in Malaga on Monday

  • Mercadillo de Martíricos
  • Mercadillo de Campanillas

Street markets in Malaga on Wednesday

  • Mercadillo de Colonia de Santa Inés
  • Mercadillo de la Virgen de Belén
  • Mercadillo de Europa

Street markets in Malaga on Thursday

  • Mercadillo de Cruz de Humilladero
  • Mercadillo de Ciudad Jardín

Street markets in Malaga on Friday

  • Mercadillo de Miraflores de los Ángeles
  • Mercadillo de los Corazones

Street markets in Malaga on Saturday

  • Mercadillo de Argentea
  • Mercadillo de El Palo
  • Mercadillo de Europa

Street markets in Malaga on Sunday

  • Rastro de Málaga (together with a second-hand street market)

Other street markets in Malaga

These are the street markets that you will find all the weeks of the year, except on Festive days. In addition to these, Malaga also hosts various artisanal street markets that take place only on particular days or events.

For example, the La Plaza Merced Market takes place on the 4th Sunday of the month, just like the Malagueta 4 Market, flanking the beach of La Malagueta, on Paseo Marítimo Ciudad de Melilla. The third Sunday of the month, a gorgeous street market takes place along the Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas, next to the beach of La Misericordia. On the 1st Saturday of the month, the neighbourhood of El Soho gets filled with stalls.

The first Sunday of the month you can find the Mercadillo Baños del Carmen. And in summer, take a tour around the artisanal street market in the Muelle Uno, where you will find all kind of cutest little things, from pieces of clothes to house décor.

Lastly, the Paseo del Parque gets filled with stalls from the last weekend of November until January 6th. There, you can find the typical Christmas foods and ideas for last-minute Christmas presents.  

Information courtesy of Ayuntamiento de Malaga

Places to stay in Malaga

You can rent a villa and visit the best street markets in Malaga all week long. Take a look the some of the cosiest holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol.

The street markets in Malaga are arguably the best places to get to know the culture of the city. Have you ever been to one?

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