The 4+1 best Food Markets in Malaga

03 Jul
Last update: 20 January, 2020

The Food Markets in Malaga are a rooted tradition of the capital of Costa del Sol.

Discover where and when to visit the best stalls in southern Spain.

The gateway to the stunning Costa del Sol is a renowned see of stunning food markets. These buildings find themselves in various parts of the city, where locals and tourists stop to buy typical delicacies of the area. Most food markets in Malaga are open from early morning (usually 8 am) until 2/3 pm.

You can tour around and soak up the authentic atmosphere of their stalls, whose owners meticulously divide colourful fruits and vegetables from meat and fish, known as Malaga chefs’ signature dish. They also offer bakery products and sweets, so that you can enjoy a complete meal made of high-quality ingredients.

Take a look at the most appealing, off-the-beaten-track food markets in Malaga.

1. Mercado de Atarazanas

Atarazanas Market place in Malaga

The Atarazanas Market lies in the heart of Malaga historic centre. As we mentioned in the Cultural Route of Malaga, this market was a Nasrid naval workshop (the name Atarazanas comes from the Arabic, meaning “place where the ships are repaired”), which became Malaga’s most famous food market in 1879. In 2008, the city council had the building renovated and the original structure recuperated, which brought to light the impressive colourful windows, a real trademark of the building. The market officially reopened in 2010 to show the world its fabulous renewed architecture.

Nowadays, the Atarazanas Market welcomes locals willing to do their daily shopping and tourists looking for an authentic place where to taste Malaga’s signature fried fish. In fact, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious tapas right in front of the Market’s main door, in the lively atmosphere that marks Malaga centre. And also, remember to buy spices and other typical foods to bring back home; they will be your friends’ joy!

Opening hours of the Atarazanas Market:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 2 pm

2. Mercado de Salamanca (El Molinillo)

Salamanca Market in Malaga

The Salamanca market, also known as El Molinillo for the neighbourhood on the northern side of Malaga where it is located, owns a spectacular façade, whose one feature is the tile decoration of the interior. The neo-Arabic style that characterises it doesn’t have to confound you. In fact, the market is relatively new, as it was built between 1922 and 1925.

Just like all the other Food Markets in Malaga, El Molinillo also offers you the opportunity to taste and enjoy fresh fish. Among other stalls, there are some that sell fresh fruits, meat, bakery products and a flower one.

The market is set to undergo a complete renovation in the close future.

Opening hours of the Mercado de Salamanca:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 2 pm

3. Mercado de El Carmen

Mercado del Carmen in Malaga

You can find this market in the neighbourhood of El Perchel, close to the city centre, the train station Malaga Maria Zambrano and Larios Shopping Centre. Loved by locals, who consider it to own one of the best places where to eat fried fish, this market also welcomes a tapas bar where to taste for yourself the delicacies provided.

The market, whose location would prevent the smell of fish from bothering the locals, got renovated in 2010 and it is now a modern building with a straight line design. This feature provides a stark contrast with the nearby church of El Carmen, which attracts one of the highest quantity of devoted among the churches of Malaga.

Opening hours of Mercado de El Carmen:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 3 pm

4. Mercado de Bailén

This market is one of the local Food Markets in Malaga, providing the inhabitants of the north-western side of Malaga with all kinds of fresh products, such as fish, meat, bakery products.

Opening hours of Mercado de Bailén:

  • Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 3 pm

5. Mercado de la Merced

Merced Market in Malaga

This market located in Plaza de la Merced, famous among (Erasmus) students, used to host bars where you could experience a gastronomic getaway through Malaga’s cuisine. However, the gastronomic part is now closed to the public and you can access to the market only to buy groceries.

Places to stay in Malaga

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The best food markets in Malaga are where you should go if you want to soak up the city’s most authentic atmosphere.

Have you ever been to one of the food markets in Malaga? Do you think we should add any other to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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