The most booked villas in Malaga 2015

17 Dec
Last update: 29 July, 2019

Since 2015 is coming to an end, we have made a selection of the 2015 most booked villas in Malaga.

The year that is leaving us has left behind plenty of wonderful moments. When something ends, all you want to do is take a look at what has just passed and remember all the beautiful things happened to you. And we are doing anything but the same. Here you will find an exceptional selection of our most booked villas in Malaga in 2015.

Take a look, and we assure you that you will be looking forward to 2016 just to book your next holiday home.

After finishing reading this selection of our most booked villas in Malaga, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to spend your holidays with us.

1. Family-friendly villa in Sierra de las Nieves (Alozaina)

Family-friendly villa in Sierra de las Nieves (Alozaina)

The views over the surrounding mountains of this holiday home are just one of its noteworthy details. A luminous interior, a salt-water huge swimming pool, and all the facilities provided are characteristic of this heavenly estate, where you can relax while enjoying the lush vegetation that circles the property.


2. Andalusian style holiday home (Alhaurín el Grande)

Andalusian style holiday home (Alhaurín el Grande)

The contrast between the cozy interior and the vast outdoor area will make you love this holiday home more than you could possibly imagine. You can enjoy taking a dip in the enormous swimming pool with breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains of the Guadalhorce valley or spending a relaxing moment in the picturesque patio. The choice is yours!


3. Holiday home with fabulous swimming pool (Guaro)

Holiday home with fabulous swimming pool (Guaro)

This holiday home’s picturesque outside area supremely matches with its rustic-style interior. Its lush vegetation is the perfect surrounding where to enjoy your barbecues, while the cosy bedrooms will welcome your sweetest dreams. Let yourself forget about time and space in this privileged estate. Wonder no more why this house is among the most booked villas in Malaga in 2015!


4. Villa in the heart of the mountains of Malaga (Monda)

Villa in the heart of the mountains of Malaga in Monda - MAL0168

This comfortable holiday home has a cosy interior, and a spectacular covered terrace, which provides impressive views over the surrounding mountains of the Sierra of Monda. The private swimming pool and all the outdoor facilities are the perfect features which will accompany you during the marvellous days spent in this magical environment.


5. Unique holiday home in a peaceful natural area (Alozaina)

Unique holiday home in a peaceful natural area (Alozaina)

This serene area is characterised by marvellous views over the Sierra de las Nieves and the Valle del Guadalhorce. The outdoor area has everything your children could ask for, while the cosy interior will make you feel home. As if it is not enough, here you can spend your holiday with your beloved four-legged friend, since this impressive estate also admits pets.


6. Villa with breathtaking views over the Torcal (Antequera)

Villa with breathtaking views over the Torcal in Antequera - MAL0492

This quiet and isolated holiday home is characterised by vast rooms and modern finishing touches that perfectly combine with its wooden and natural-stone structure. From its magnificent terraces and huge windows, you can enjoy some breathtaking views over the gorgeous mountains of the Torcal de Antequera. The holiday home is provided with all the facilities you could possibly ask for, thus guaranteeing an incredibly pleasurable experience.


7. Pretty villa with spectacular views (Torrox)

Villa with spectacular sea views in Torrox - MAL0410

The beach and the mountains that surround this holiday home provide spectacular landscapes, in which the house fits impeccably. The huge swimming pool and the vast terrace add precious charm to this estate, making it the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the hot summer nights with your family and friends. The comfort provided will make you want to never leave this heavenly property.


8. Picturesque villa with Jacuzzi and precious views (Alozaina) 

Picturesque villa with Jacuzzi and precious views in Alozaina - MAL0177

This holiday home is famous for the marvellous views over the Sierra Nevada and the Valle del Guadalhorce it offers its guests. It is decorated in a traditional Andalusian style, thus being the ideal place through which discovering the secrets of this impressive region. You will want to spend as much time as possible relaxing in the Jacuzzi or under the covered terrace in the garde, since the views provided are among the most breathtaking you have ever seen.


9. Amazing villa with spectacular lake views (La Viñuela)

Amazing villa with spectacular lake views (La Viñuela)

The overwhelming view over the lake La Viñuela and the surrounding mountains is this holiday home’s most noteworthy feature. The single-storey holiday home is provided with all the facilities, but we assure you won’t need any of these since you will spend your whole stay relaxing in the astonishing swimming pool and enjoy the marvellous landscape offered by this estate.


10. Villa in the charming setting of the Torcal (Antequera)

Villa in the charming setting of the Torcal in Antequera - MAL0461

The reason this house is among the most booked is its impressive position, alongside with the facilities it offers to its guests. This holiday home is relatively new, but it has been built following the traditional Andalusian style. The amazing views of the Torcal de Antequera you can spot while taking a dip in the huge swimming pool, as well as its marvellous garden, are its most astonishing features.


These are our most booked villas in Malaga in 2015.

Have you found your perfect holiday home in this post?

If not, let’s find more than 1000 villas in Andalucia where to spend your holidays. We are waiting for you!

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