Travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain

19 Jan
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Holidays are complete when you can enjoy them with your four-legged friend. This is why you should keep reading these useful tips about travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain.

Nowadays, families are more attached to their pets than ever and want to enjoy their holidays with their beloved mascota. However, there are a few tips and useful information you need to know before travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain so that you won’t have to worry about anything but your pleasure and that of your pet.

And whatever you do, don’t miss out on the best beaches in Andalucia where you can stay with your pet!

Compulsory documentation to travel with your pet to Andalucia, Spain

As an EU citizen, you can carry your pet with you if you travel to Spain, be it a dog, a cat or a ferret, for a maximum of five pets per traveller. You will have to carry the European Pet Passport, provided by a registered vet in your home country. The passport will have to show the following sections.

  • Owner
  • Description of the animal
  • Marking of the animal, number, location and date of insertion of the microchip or tattoo number (Identification of the animal, if the passport was issued after December 29th, 2014)
  • Issuing of the passport (only if the passport was issued after December 29th, 2014)
  • Vaccination against rabies

For the pets proceeding from EU countries, the following fields are not compulsory to be filled-in in the passport:

  • Serological test
  • Echinococcus treatment
  • Other anti-parasite treatment
  • Other vaccinations
  • Clinical examinations
  • Legalisation
  • Other

The vaccination against rabies is mandatory, and it must be administered not less than one month or more than one year before travelling. This is because, in order for the vaccination to be valid, 21 days have to pass. Likewise, the minimum age for the pet to be vaccinated is 12 weeks old. Therefore, keep in mind that puppies less than three months old are not allowed through the Spanish borders.

Moreover, the pet has to be identified through a readable tattoo (made before July 3rd, 2011 and whose date can be demonstrated) or else, it has to be micro-chipped.

Public transportation with pets in Andalucia, Spain

When travelling with a pet in Andalucia, and in Spain in general, you must keep in mind a few rules and information.

Dog in a car, travelling with pets in Andalucia

Pets and trains in Andalucia and Spain

Spain’s main train company, RENFE, allows small pets to travel with their owner, as long as they don’t weigh more than 10 kg.

On high-speed trains (AVE), long-distance and medium-distance trains and Avant, cats, dogs and ferrets must stay in small cages or dog carriers, whose maximum dimensions are 60x35x35 cm. The transportation of the pet is free for those travellers who own a ticket in the following classes:

  • Preferente sentada
  • Club
  • Cama preferente
  • Cama Gran Clase
  • Butaca Gran Confort

In other cases, such as Economy and Tourist classes, the owner will have to buy a ticket for their pets, which costs 25% of the owner’s seat.

Guide dogs can travel on all trains for free.

You can carry small pets on the Cercanías (short-distance trains) with no need of a cage. However, you must keep them on leash and dogs have to wear a muzzle.

Dogs travelling

Pets and buses in Andalucia and Spain

ALSA, Spain’s leading bus company, allows you to carry one pet of maximum 10kg on their buses. It has to be put in a cage or dog carrier, which will be put in the hold to the vehicle. The Premium buses already have a special area where you can stay with your pets. The price for the transportation of the pet will be 50% of the ticket price, and you will have to buy it at the same time as your ticket.

Guide dogs can travel in the cabin for free.

Pet friendly holiday homes in Andalucia, Spain

If you are looking for a place to stay in Andalucia with your four-legged friend, take a look at this selection of the best pet-friendly holiday homes in Andalucia. And if you are looking for more, click on this much wider selection.

Travelling with your pets to Andalucia, Spain is the ideal way to enjoy your holidays with a sweet companion.

Have you found the answer to your doubts? Leave a comment if you want to know something more about travelling with pets in Andalucia, Spain.

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  • Really interesting as we are planning to buy in Spain soon and travel with our 3 dogs and I was wondering how it was going to work out. Thank you for a very informative blog, we will be relocating to Spain in Sept/October with two Labradors and will be driving. Thanks for the kind words. We are big dog lovers and when we were in the Caribbean probably fostered over 100 puppies over a 8 year spell. Once we settle in more we hope to help out as one of the animal shelters in the area.

  • My husband and I are coming to Spain to do some volunteer work and want to bring our GSD. We are going to drive over, is there any other tips or advise people can give?