Electricity in Spain: power supply, plugs and more

15 Dec
Last update: 20 January, 2020

When going on holidays in Andalucia, you may need to know about the electricity in Spain. Read about it all here!

The leading company that provides energy in Spain is Grupo Endesa, which every region of the country calls by different names. However, more electric companies have started to appear recently.

Although electricity in Spain works almost like that of every other EU country, you may find there are some slight differences. Let’s take a look at all of them!

Plugs and adapters in Spain

Spain’s standard electric supply is 220V. In old houses, you may still find the old 110V or even a combination of the two of them. The plug used in Spain is a two-round-pin plug and socket. It can either be small, which is suitable for small appliances, and large, which need an earth strip on the side of the plug.

If your electric appliances have a two-pin plug, you won’t have to worry about them not fitting in the Spanish sockets.

On the contrary, if your appliances have foreign plugs (three-pin plugs, or UK plugs), you will have to buy an adapter (adaptador). You can find a universal one at any ironmonger’s.

Spanish plugs

Power cuts of the electricity in Spain

During storms or periods when too much electricity is consumed, small blackouts can occur. They happen because of the power rating system, which, present in every house, shuts down the supply of energy when too many appliances are used at once. In many holiday homes in Andalucia, the power rating system is set to a low voltage, to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Renewable electricity in Spain

The Red Eléctrica de España (Spain’s electricity transmission system operator) reported that over the first eight months of 2016, Spain produced 47.2 % of renewable energy, the most of which comes from wind power. It is no surprise, since Spain owns the third highest number of turbines in the world, after USA and Germany. A record was set in November 2015, when the wind power provided the 70% of energy for the entire country.

Wind turbines in Spain

The EU has set a goal for Spain, which states that the country needs to fulfil the 20% of its electrical needs with renewable energy by 2020. In October 2016, it was 17.4%.

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