Culture in Andalusia will provide you with an insight of the Andalusian authenticity. Colorful and fun fairs, religious festivities, historical art and traditions are part of a much wider variety of picturesque events in Andalusia.

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Where to See Flamenco in Seville

If you’re asking yourself where you can see authentic Flamenco in Seville, then this post is exactly what you need. You will find a list of the best places in the Andalusian capital city where to ignite the most typical Andalusian passion. Because Andalucia is the cradle of Flamenco, it will inspire you with the…


Top 18 Films Shot in Andalucia

If you’re a cinema lover and you’re planning a getaway to Andalucia, take look at 18 films shot in Andalucia and walk where your favourite actors did! Andalucia has been the film set of countless films, both of the Spanish film industry and foreign. In this list, you’ll discover 18 films that were (partially) shot in…