Top 5 best spots to eat in Marbella (Malaga)

28 Jun
Last update: 20 January, 2020

This selection of the top 5 best places where to enjoy delicious Andalusian food will surely make your mouth water! Discover why to eat in Marbella has never been that easy!

The city of Marbella is a fascinating jewel of the Costa del Sol. Glamour, luxury and wealth are shown at their best in this coastal town and the marina of Puerto Banús, six km far.

Marbella was home to Phoenicians, Visigoths, and Romans, and its fame reached its peak during Arab times. Nowadays, its narrow white streets host countless celebrities’ homes, as well as being the private accommodation of wealthy people.

If you fancy treating yourself and eating like a VIP, check the top 5 best spots where to eat in Marbella.

1. Restaurante El Balcón de la Virgen

Restaurant El Balcón de la Virgen in Marbella Old Town

Located in Marbella Old Town, near the Plaza de los Naranjos, this peculiar restaurant offers tasty options to enjoy the Andalusian cuisine and the most traditional dishes. Its name, literally “The Balcony of the Virgin”, comes from the little chapel located on the first floor of this 16th-century building.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available in the restaurant. You can check the menu here, and you can also make an online reservation!

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 12 pm – 12 am
  • Sunday: 6 pm – 12 am
  • Thursday: closed

Address: 2, Remedios street, Old Town Marbella

Telephone: (+34) 952 77 60 92

2. Restaurante Marbella Patio

Where to eat in Marbella: Marbella Patio Restaurant

Located in a 16th-century palace next to Marbella castle, this restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy the delicious Andalusian food and discover the peculiarities of Andalucia. In fact, the restaurant owns a precious Andalusian patio, where you will be able to relax while tasting exquisite cuisine.

Jamón Serrano, Croquettes, Seafood are only some of the delicious specialities you can savour while here. If you have already started mouth-watering, the next thing you need to do is book a table!

Opening hours:

  • Winter:
    • Monday to Saturday: 12pm – 12 am
    • Sunday: closed
  • Summer: 
    • Monday to Saturday: 12 pm – 12 am
    • Sunday: 7 pm – 12 am

Address: 4, Virgen de los Dolores street

Telephone: (+34) 952 77 54 29

3. Paco Jiménez

Where to eat in Marbella: Paco Jiménez Restaurant

Right in the historic city centre of Marbella, located in the oldest house of the city, you can find a truly picturesque restaurant. Here, infinite Andalusian dishes are brought to you with a wonderful fresh touch. This way you are given the opportunity to enjoy tradition mixed with innovation. We bet you can’t ask for more, can you?

Just remember to book in advance to keep for yourself the perfect spot to amaze your guests, as this restaurant is one of the most demanded places to eat in Marbella.

Opening hours:

  • Winter: Tuesday to Sunday: 6.30pm – 10.30 pm
  • Summer: Tuesday to Sunday: 7 pm – 11.30 pm

Address: Patio de los Naranjos

Telephone: (+34) 627 62 59 52

4. Restaurante Café Garum

Where to eat in Marbella: Garum restaurant

If you prefer eating in front of the sea, you should visit this restaurant in the paseo marítimo of Marbella. Its name comes from a peculiar sauce made of tuna, wine, vinegar and oil, used to savour food. In particular, the name refers to the fact that, in this restaurant, delicious smells, rich experiences and finishing touches will make your senses awaken. To eat here is an unmissable experience indeed!  

You will have the opportunity to enjoy its marvellous views all year long. All you have to do is to book and reach Marbella!

Opening hours: 11 am – 11 pm

Address: Paseo Marítimo, Avenida de la Fontanilla

Telephone: (+34) 952 85 88 58

5. El Estrecho

Where to eat in Marbella: Bar El Estrecho

This 1954, family-run restaurant in Marbella has gained the fame thanks to its high-quality tapas at very competitive prices. Its off-the-beaten-track position guarantees privacy, and it offers the possibility to eat in a secluded spot, right in the historic city centre.

Stop by if you are in Marbella and fancy tasting some delicious tapas, which you will have the opportunity to choose from an incredibly rich menu!

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 12:30 pm – 12 am

Address: 12, San Lázaro street

Telephone: (+34) 952 77 00 04

More things to do in Marbella

Where to eat in Marbella. More things to do in Marbella: lying on the beach

If after eating in Marbella, you fancy sunbathing or taking a dip in the tranquil waters of the Costa del Sol, enjoy some of the best beaches in Malaga. Cabopìno and Puerto Banús won’t deceive you!

Places to stay in Marbella

If you want to taste all the specialities of Marbella, you will need a place to stay. We are providing you with a selection of the best holiday homes and luxury villas in luxury surrounding area of Marbella and Puerto Banús. You’ve got no more excuses to come and eat in Marbella!

If you have already started mouth-watering, call and book your next place to eat in Marbella and its surrounding area.

Do you know more unusual places where you can enjoy delicious food in Marbella? Leave a comment with your suggestions; we want to know your opinion!

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