Olive oil in Jaen, Spain

12 Dec
Last update: 20 January, 2020

The olive oil in Jaen is one of the most renowned products of Andalucia and whole Spain. Discover its secrets.

The province of Jaen is worldwide known as the cradle of the best olive oil in Andalucia and whole Spain. Its olive trees provide half the total production of olive oil in Spain and 20% of the total production of olive oil in the world. This data are mesmerising if you think that the olive yards cover 55.000 hectares, and they produce 600.000 tonnes of “liquid gold” per year.

Which are the varieties of the olive oil in Jaen?

Olive yards in province of Jaen

Spanish protected guarantees of origin (D.O.P., Denominación de Origen Protegida) have been given to three areas of Jaen’s olive yards: the Sierra de Segura, the Sierra de Cazorla and the Sierra Mágina. However, since the whole province is known as producing the best olive oil in the world, it is probable they will declare the province of Jaen an I.G.P. (Indicación Geográfica Protegida, the Spanish for Protected Geographic Indication).

The most common olive oil varieties in Jaen are Picual, Royal, Arbequina and Cornicabra.

How is the olive oil in Jaen made?

The harvest of olives occurs from November to February, which makes the unemployment rate of the province of Jaen fall to 10%. This fall is because, despite the use of machines, a significant part of the harvest is still made manually, to preserve the quality of the olives.

Varieties of Olive Oil in Jaen, Spain

Afterwards, the olives are pressed in the mills, producing the olive oil. The extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are made for immediate consumption, being the purest. The refined olive oil is made from less-quality olive oils, whereas the normal olive oil is a mix of the refined and the extra-virgin one.

Towns and cities to discover the olive oil in Jaen

The whole province of Jaen owns famous olive yards and mills. However, there are some cities you can’t miss if you are wondering what the true olive oil tastes like.

The towns of Ubeda and Baeza own high-quality olive oil shops. In the surrounding area of Baeza, you can even find the Museum of Olive Culture.

The town of Martos, known as the “cradle of the olive tree orchard”, has its own variety of olives (Marteña) that produce the olive oil Picual. The town hosts the Olive Festival on December 8th, during which you can taste some delicious specialities made with this very special olive oil. Martos is also part of the 50-km route “Vía Verde del Aceite”, which, starting from Jaen, will make you discover the secrets of the olive oil towns.

Olive oil in Jaen, Spain

Places to stay in Jaen

To taste some delicious olive oil is a unique experience if you do it in a holiday villa. Discover the best holiday homes and villas in the province of Jaen, and enjoy your well-deserved holidays in Andalucia.

New posts will come about the olive oil in Jaen, among which its benefits! Stay tuned.

Did you find this post interesting? Do you want to taste the famous “joyo”, bread with oil and topped with olives and cod? Visit the province of Jaen and taste its peculiar, but sweet olive oil.

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