The best fireplace-equipped holiday homes in Andalucia

15 Jan
Last update: 25 August, 2023

Cold days have finally come to Andalucia. And what is it that most people yearn for when it is cold outside? Fireplace-equipped holiday homes, of course!

If you loved the selection of the most booked villas in Malaga, you will fall for these magnificent fireplace-equipped holiday homes in Andalusia. Choose the one you like the most and do not waste time! Book your next perfect warm estate for your winter holidays.

Take a look and discover the best holiday homes in Andalucia, we promise you won’t feel disappointed!

1. Fantastically equipped holiday home (Algarinejo, Granada) 

Villa with fireplace in Algarinejo (Granada)

This awesome holiday home is the perfect combination between a majestic outside area and a cosy indoor, where the fireplace is undoubtedly the master. You can relax by the fire while reading a book, watching TV or playing with your friends. The warmth provided will make you fall in love with this holiday home and never want to leave its welcoming atmosphere ever again.

2. Perfectly welcoming holiday home (Alora, Malaga) 

Villa with fireplace in Alora (Malaga)

The breathtaking panoramic views of this holiday home are not the only features worth noticing. The welcoming interior is more to live than to talk about. The fireplace provided in the dining-living room will warm your holidays, and its rustic decoration will continuously remind you that you are in a typical Andalusian estate.

3. Holiday home with cosy atmosphere (Cijuela, Granada)

The charm of this holiday home’s dining-living room is enhanced by the marvellous fireplace. The rustic decoration perfectly mixes with the modern furniture, while the fireplace, located between two big wood trunks, will provide warm moments to you and your beloved ones.

4. Spacious holiday home, ideal for families (Casabermeja, Malaga) 

Spacious holiday home, ideal for families, with fireplace in Casabermeja - MAL2531

The agricultural decoration, together with the wooden beams and the huge kitchen, are perfectly combined so that the atmosphere you soak up once you get here is that of the typical Andalusian farmhouse. The fireplace provided will make sure that you won’t be cold during this period of the year.

5. Luminous holiday home with snug interior (Antequera-La Higuera, Malaga)

Luminous holiday home with snug interior and fireplace in Antequera-La Higuera - MAL0470

This holiday home’s modern furniture and bright interior will leave you fascinated. Thanks to the windows, you can comfortably enjoy the sun rays while reading a book next to the majestic fireplace, event though it is extremely cold outside.

6. Holiday home with precious fireplace (Alora, Malaga) 

Villa with fireplace in Alora (Malaga)

The huge dining-living room is provided with all the comforts you may ask for, a magnificent fireplace included. Sit next to the fireplace while taking a conversation with your friends, or enjoying a movie. The warm atmosphere is sure to make you forget the freezing weather of Andalucia’s wintertime.

7. Holiday home with impressive fireplace (Antequera – La Joya, Malaga)

Holiday home with impressive fireplace in Antequera - La Joya - MAL1158

This modern holiday home and its superb surroundings are something you have to consider if you are looking for your next holiday home. The cosy main hall is provided with a precious fireplace that will provide you with warm moments surrounded by a picturesque decoration.

8. Holiday home with majestic surroundings (Órgiva, Granada)

Holiday home with fireplace and majestic surroundings in Orgiva - GRA0549

This pretty holiday home is characterised by a wooden ceiling, farmhouse decoration and a welcoming dining-living room with a precious kitchen. This room’s main master is undoubtedly the fireplace, next to which you can relax and enjoy a siesta during the cold days typical of the province of Granada.

9. Villa with picturesque fireplace (Carcabuey, Cordoba)

The impressive fireplace, with which this holiday home is provided, is a touch of art completing the magnificence of this estate. The heat of the fire will reach you in a matter of seconds, and you will feel instantly warmed up by a magic experience. Choose this holiday home if you are a cold-natured person!

10. Holiday home with marvellous views (Almáchar, Malaga) 

Villa with fireplace in Almachar (Malaga)

The rustic decoration of this holiday home is thought to make you enjoy even more the cosy fireplace situated on the dining-living room’s main wall. This way you will have the possibility to enjoy the warmth of the room, without being afraid of burning yourself, while enjoying the marvellous views over the nearby valley.

Have you found the cosiest among these fireplace-equipped holiday homes? Get ready to warm yourself up!

If you want to find out more holiday homes with fireplace in Andalucia, do not waste time and take a look at our selection.

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