Benefits of Olive Oil in the health, cuisine and cosmetic fields

29 Jan
Last update: 20 January, 2020

Discover which the health benefits of olive oil are, as well as how Andalucia’s “liquid gold” is used in the gastronomic and cosmetic fields.

It’s impossible to talk about agriculture in Andalucia without mentioning the olive yards. In fact, olive trees cover 1.5 million hectares in Andalucia and provide work for the 40% of agricultural workers. Moreover, 47% of the world’s total production of olive oil comes from Andalucia, and the area in this Spanish region that provides the highest quantity of olive oil is Jaen province, whose olive trees produce half the total production of olive oil in Spain, and 20% of the worldwide production.

Olive yards in Andalucia

The renowned “liquid gold” has lots of benefits: in this article, you’ll find out which the benefits of olive oil are, focused on the health, gastronomic and cosmetic fields.

Health benefits of the olive oil 

The olive oil in Andalucia has countless health benefits for those that consume it. In the last few years, lots of studies corroborate the relationship between a balanced amount of olive oil in the diet and a decrease in cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the olive oil’s high content of oleic acid keeps the cholesterol levels balanced, by increasing the good HDL and decreasing the bad LDL. The olive oil also has antioxidant and tonic properties.

The bad fame that used to accompany this product until early 20th century, which was due to ignorance, has been replaced with scientific studies that advise a moderate but constant use of the olive oil. It goes without saying that the purer and the lower acid gradient, the better and healthier for our organism. This is why the olive mills have been adapting to the new trends, offering high-quality products to meet everyone’s needs.

Although the olive oil has traditionally been used mainly in the gastronomic field, it’s become commoner and commoner to utilise it in the cosmetic industry with noteworthy results.

Benefits of olive oil as food product

Raw olive oil is the tastiest, but you can also use it to fry. It’s a great seasoning on salads and a tasty complement to accompany grilled meat and fish. Of course, it can also be used to elaborate more elaborated recipes, such as the Andalusian salmorejo and gazpacho. Long story short, the olive oil is balanced nourishment, and it can be part of almost any diet thanks to the good fats, vitamins and minerals it’s rich of.

Benefits of olive oil used as food product

Benefits of olive oil used in the cosmetic industry

The cosmetic industry, although a bit late compared to the food industry, has started working with olive-oil-based products, thanks to the benefits it provides. In fact, these products were already being fabricated in Italy in the 15th century, and there is evidence of a raw use of the olive oil in the past, but its adoption here is much more recent. What you should keep in mind is that to get the results you’re looking for, you need to use extra-virgin olive oil.

Olive-oil soap and the cosmetic products that are made of this raw material have various benefits for the skin, as they are toning, hydrating, and soothing. Plus, these products provide nutrient for the hair, and prevent hair loss.

Benefits of olive oil in the cosmetic industry

Places to stay in Andalucia

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of olive oil, find out a holiday home where to spend your holidays in Andalucia among olive trees, as you enjoy this typically-Andalusian product.

The benefits of olive oil are countless and it’s no surprise that its use is expanding all over the world, further than the Mediterranean Sea. Do you know about more benefits of the olive oil we’ve talked about in this post? Tell us in the comments below!

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