Privacy policy


Ruralidays respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. We will treat your details with the utmost accuracy. In this document you can read which data is exactly gathered and saved and what we do with it. Ruralidays treats personal data pursuant to the law 34/2002 of Social Services of Information and E-Commerce (LSSI) (Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico) and the law 15/1999 of the Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD – LDCP).

Ruralidays guarantees a maximum level of protection when it comes to your personal data. This document will explain in detail which information we gather, how we do this and with what purposes we gather this data.

Ruralidays reserves the right to change this policy for reasons of changed legislation, or other circumstances under which the company finds this appropriate. If the policy changes, then the new version can be found on the website.


1. Contact details

The website is property of Felix Zea Pedraza with headquarters located at Calle Beethoven, 6, 2º, F, postcode: 29004 in Malaga. Phone number: 0034 951 10 12 76.


2. Applicability

The policy as described in this document is applicable to all documents, whether temporary or permanently, as defined in the Personal Data Protection Act.


3. Voluntary character

The contact form on the website can be used in case of questions or comments. At the moment that personal data is submitted via this form, we presume that this was done voluntarily.


4. Collection of personal data

At the moment a visitor makes a request for reservation, he is asked to fill in a form with his name, address, email, phone number and preferences for the reservation. This information is needed in order to treat the reservation request. After the reservation is confirmed by both parties a confirmation email will be send.

The personal data is kept on servers that are located inside the European Union. These servers meet the requirements as determined in the LOPD.


5. Purpose of the data

The collection of personal data is done with the following purposes:

- The maintenance of the relation between the natural person and Ruralidays.

- The management, administration and improvement of services.

- The adjustment of services to the preferences of our website visitors.

- To study the use of our services by our website visitors.

- To improve our services.

- To send service updates

- To send information about the products or services of Ruralidays or third parties with which Ruralidays collaborates. This can also entail the sending of forms, surveys (of which the recipient is not obliged to answer), emails, text messages or newsletters.

In order to be able to execute our service we use the following information:

a)    Third parties that are directly related to the reservation, package deals or other activities

When a stay, a package deal or another touristic activity is booked via Ruralidays (with exception of legally obliged data like police interrogations, summons or court orders), the only personal data that Ruralidays will distribute to third parties that organize part of the service, is the name and the contact details of the guest. This means that when a guest books for example a holiday home, the owner of the holiday home will receive the contact details of this particular guest.

Third parties that organize part of the service booked via Ruralidays and thus receive the contact details of our guests all signed a contract indicating that the contact details may solely be used for the objective of executing the service booked via Ruralidays. In is by no means allowed for third parties to use the contact details for any other purposes and it is prohibited to spread the contact details further.


b)    Cookies

Cookies are being used on the website. Cookies are small files (either temporarily or permanently) installed on the computer of the visitor that serve to personalize the webpage. Cookies will for example store information about which accommodations are viewed.

Furthermore, cookies are used to improve our services. The cookies allow authorized third parties to analyse the website use and offer personalized advertisement.

The information that is obtained via cookies is completely anonymous. The internet user has the possibility to set the browser in such a way that cookies are not installed. It is however possible that when cookies are not accepted, certain features of the website do not work well. In order to set you browser in such a way that cookies are not accepted, go to your internet options or consult the help section of your internet browser.

Ruralidays also registers the IP address of the internet user, data about the type and the configuration of the browser and the internet provider. This is done in order to gain insight in the online behaviour of our guests, to prevent possible fraud and to facilitate possible police inquiries.


c)    Surveys

When making a reservation the internet user accepts that he will receive an email inviting him to fill in a survey. The survey will be send after the service that was booked via Ruralidays is executed. The survey can be completed anonymously.

By filling in the survey the internet user accepts that the result, or parts of the result can be displayed on the website. This is done with the purpose of informing our potential guests about the experienced service level. Ruralidays reserves the right to modify, refuse or remove any content.

-      Automatic gathering of data

In order to be able to successfully undertake marketing initiatives and to improve our services certain data is gathered automatically. It concerns information about the amount of transactions, which pages are viewed, which page is viewed last, at what date and time the pages are viewed and the amount and place of clicks. Sometimes a collaboration with third parties is set up in order to analyse this specific type of data. Even when there is a collaboration with third parties, the personal details will be treated anonymously.

 -      Responsibility

Ruralidays is responsible for the files with personal data. Only those persons within the company that are directly responsible for the analyses of the website will have access to this type of data.


6. Correctness of data

It is expected from the internet user that the data he provides Ruralidays is correct and that if changes may occur he will inform Ruralidays about this.


7. Under-age

It is possible for the under-aged to visit the website. Ruralidays complies with legislation concerning this subject and therefore takes into account that minors under the age of 14 are not able to decide independently about whether or not they want to submit their personal data to Ruralidays. Ruralidays asks those responsible of these minors (this may be parents, guardian, or legal representative) to take responsibility in these cases.


8. General security measurements

The level of security of the website does not only comply with relevant legislation, it also employs supplementary techniques that are applied in order to prevent data to get lost, misused, adjusted or stolen. In spite of our best efforts, one has to be aware that the technique changes quickly and that security measurements may to not suffice in every occasion.

-      Specific measurement related to credit card payments

Procedures and systems are set up to secure the credit card details of our guests. In order to protect the payment details a technique called Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is employed. This techniques ensures that the data transmitted during the payment process is encrypted. The encrypted information cannot be read by third parties. The payment is therefore secure.


9. Data transfer

The internet user always has the right to ask with what cause his personal details are kept and what is exactly done with this data.

However, Ruralidays does reserve the right to distribute personal data to partners that execute part of the service offered by Ruralidays. In every situation the personal details will be kept confident and will be treated as described in this document.


10. Right of access, rectification and removal

Every internet user registered by Ruralidays has the right to access, rectify and demand removal of his personal details from the database. In order to demand for removal a written request is necessary. This can be done by sending the request to Ruralidays, Calle Beethoven, 6, 2º F 29004 Málaga. Phone number 0034 951 10 12. Suggestions or comments concerning this document can be send to

Ruralidays reserves the right to modify this privacy policy, or modify the way personal details are gathered or treated if this seems appropriate. If the privacy policy is changed, the version on the website will be updated.