Andalusia’s cuisine is spectacular. One lacks words to define the rich dishes, their delicious and tasty ingredients, whose health benefits are globally known, and the joyful colours that characterise the Andalusian cuisine.

Discover the particular touch that Andalusia adds to the Mediterranean diet, creating peculiar specialities. In our blog about Cuisine in Andalusia, you will find recipes and typical dishes that will make your mouth water even before getting to Andalusia.


14 Places to Have Breakfast in Malaga

To have breakfast in Malaga is one of the most authentic cuisine-related experiences you can have while on the Costa del Sol. Thanks to this list of the places where you should have at least one breakfast while visiting the capital city of the Costa del Sol, choosing where to have breakfast will be a…


Top 13 Spanish Christmas sweets

As Christmas approaches, and you start soaking up the joyful atmosphere wherever you go, bakeries keep the standard high by taking delicious Spanish Christmas Sweets out of the oven. Whether it’s the first time you visit Andalucia, or you’re a regular visitor to the region, especially during Christmas, be ready to have your mouth water!…


Olive oil in Jaen, Spain

The olive oil in Jaen is one of the most renowned products of Andalucia and whole Spain. Discover its secrets. The province of Jaen is worldwide known as the cradle of the best olive oil in Andalucia and whole Spain. Its olive trees provide half the total production of olive oil in Spain and 20%…