Cordoba has been declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, and this is only one of the pieces of information you should know if you want to travel to Cordoba. The city and its friendly inhabitants will welcome you as one of their own and make you feel at home.

In our Cordoba blog, we provide you with useful information about what to do and what to see, so that you won’t get lost among this precious city’s many secrets. Scroll down and get yourself immersed in Cordoba’s joyful atmosphere.


Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba

The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos in Cordoba is one of the most impressive landmarks you’ll find in Andalucia. After reading this post, you will book your tickets right away! As Cordoba’s 2016 third most visited monument, after the Mosque-Cathedral and the Synagogue, the Castle of the Christian Monarchs is a must-see if you’re planning…


Top 10 best villas in Cordoba

One of the most appealing provinces of Andalucia is also home to magnificent holiday homes. Take a closer look at the best villas in Cordoba; they won’t fail you! Cordoba province features the engaging Vias Verdes, the biggest city centre declared World Heritage Site and comfortable accommodations where you can enjoy all of this and…


The Patios festival in Cordoba

Welcome to the Patios Festival in Cordoba, an experience of the senses that invites you to get lost in the culture of Cordoba! If you are visiting this Andalusian city in the second and third week of May (in 2019, from May 6th to May 19th), you will be overwhelmed by amazing stone mosaics and appealing…


What to eat in Cordoba

You don’t know what to eat in Cordoba? Let us show you some specialities of the province and the best mouthwatering recipes! Cordoba has a thousand-year-old tradition of cuisine and gastronomy. From the Romans time, through the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Reconquest of the Catholic Monarchs, everyone has been contributing to improve the cuisine of Cordoba for…